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01 January 2006, 06:05 PM

"But as CEO Steve Jobs surveyed the competition before deciding to sell to Disney, it's easy to see him wondering if Pixar would become, like a character in Finding Nemo, just another fish in a big ocean.

Virtually every major studio and more minor ones are preparing films with computer-generated imagery (CGI). This year, theaters will have at least a dozen - more than twice as many as in any other year.

That number could soar. New companies are jumping in as technology prices fall. Major rivals are stepping up their output, such as DreamWorks Animation's plans for two CGI releases a year. "There used to be two or three spots in the calendar when a CGI movie would come out. And now, it's just about every month," says Animation Magazine editor Ramin Zahed. "How many movies can a family see?"

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01 January 2006, 06:09 PM
For example, Mechanic sees possibilities in having a boy- or girl-oriented action picture, a scary film similar to the recent live-action hit Harry Potter ( and the Goblet of Fire, or a more sophisticated version of Japan's stylized anime films.

Braun says his company is thinking about CGI fare that's R-rated."


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Pixar and DreamWorks used to have the field pretty much to themselves, because they used their own patented software. That changed recently as animation programs such as Maya Complete became commercially available.

I love journalists!


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I love journalists!


Otherwise known as morons. ;)

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I love journalists!If you think that's funny, you're gonna love this from an article on OpenSeason at ( ):

Also, every person we met on each of the five stages had two computer screens pushed together that had capability to move things (with just the mouse) from one screen to another. Amazing technology.

Can you believe it! Just the mouse!

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