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03 March 2002, 03:06 PM
Now then

I have a very annoying problem with XSI at the moment, and it driving me mad.

Before I started animating I set up two spheres with, I think the v start at 90 over the eye as lids. I then linked the top and bottom lids to a slider and set relative value at open and closed position. The problem is that I am half way through animating the lids and the centres have kindly rotated themselves so the eyes blink at an angle. I re-did the rig but again the same problem, plus even when I do rotate the centres back it just makes them worse.

What is going on………….

03 March 2002, 08:19 PM
Hi Rubery,

I am not sure I understood your problem..
Are you doing eye-lids, by placing a slightly bigger sphere
over the eye-ball, and animating the V start/end angle of the
sphere, in it's proerties, linked to a slider?
you say the problem is that the centers of the eye-lids
are rotating, causing the lids to get slanted (If I got you right)
who is the parent of the eye-lids?
if you set the eye-ball as the parent, try to set it up again,
but make a Null the parent of both, eye-ball and eye-lids,
so the eye-ball is free to rotate without affecting the lids.
also try checking out if you are not on COG rotation mode,
I dont have XSI infront of me now, but sometimes it can cause
some problems..

anyway, why not use half a sphere, and just rotate that sphere
and not change the sphere's "creation" properties?

about those centers going nuts after you try to rotate them back,
in Softimage when you have a keyframe of almost anykind on an
object, moving the center (on center mode) of this object
will casue an offset of it's animation.. if you wish to change the
center location or rotation, you must remove the animation
from the object first..


03 March 2002, 11:42 PM
Cheers Coolclab

I've posted the question again on the forum, as the first was so rushed. Hope the new post makes more sence and you can help.

thanks again.............

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