View Full Version : How to speed up viewport playback in max 5 when animating?

12 December 2002, 10:22 AM
Hi, I've got a question about animation
playback in the viewports in 3ds MAx 5.

Here we go...

I've got a simple box with some eyes and
some features, a pretty basic model really,
in the stack ontop of the Editable POlygon I then have
Morpher, Meshsmooth, and then about 4 modifiers on top of
that used to deform the object in animation, (bend modifiers,
stretch, etc).

My problem is that when I come to
animate and start setting keys and such, my viewport
speed really starts to drag so that the only way to watch my animation in real time is to keep doing previews. I've put
the object to be displayed as a bounding box but this doesn't seem to speed things up at all. I'm guessing therefore this slowness is a result of all the information stored in the keyframes produced.

If so, are there any useful tips to speed up viewport playback of animation? Is there a button like in After Effects or Premiere where I can sort of render it to memory so that it plays back smoothly in the viewports? I just want to be able to smoothly scrub the time back and forward whilst doing my aniamtion, at the minute it's so slow and jerky.


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