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11 November 2002, 10:55 PM
The Compression will actually let you PLAY this one, lol.


JelloGnome 2
12 December 2002, 07:20 AM
you should really give credit to all the music and sound effects you borrowed

12 December 2002, 07:34 AM
Nice work, the fight scene is pretty cool.

Don't give credit to your soundeffects though, that'd be retarded. Employers are not idiots, they know no student has the time or resources to record their own sounds. Everyone who makes a demo reel borrows sounds.

I would change the music though. Pick something less recognizable. And also change the song as the subject of the reel changes.

12 December 2002, 09:54 AM
Im surprised VFS let you put that music on... Im glad to see better music than the like of Brett A. on a demo reel. "ooOOOooo Look at me. I used to be in a crappy 80's hair metal band. Watch my while I destroy your demo rell with TERRIBLE sound and music"

Can you tell I'm bitter? :)

The reel definately is a Final Fantasy Vs Street Fighter. I dont like the weight of the "pirate" character in his run in his first shot. The green toon shaded creature seems to be the best animated piece on the reel, and I prefer his character design over all the others. It would be nice to see a quick shot of him as well as the walk cycle.

Giving kudos in the credits is a HUGE plus for companies reviewing work. It just shows you give credit where credit is due.

I didnt want to sound harsh, but I hope this helps.

Mike R

12 December 2002, 11:04 PM
okay i'm gonna break this down... i'm not being a jerk.. just want the help out....

1) you HAVE to change the music.... final fantasy music is not going to work...

2) You should rework the sound effects... the swoosh sound in the begining is really weak... and worst of all the clank sound when the title showdown appears is just really bad... Sound should never be a secondary thing.... you can have great visuals but if your sounds are bad.. it can really ruin the experience in whole.

3) I think the fight animation is nice... but the 2 characters aren't really fighting.... it doens't really even seem that they are interacting with each other, but that they are just doing moves... and the flow of actions is really kinda odd.... i like that they are runnig towards each other... but then the guy jumps up and swings his sword down? (WHY?) it's so awkward and really makes no sense... i know that it's something from one of the final fantasy games... (8 maybe?) but that is a really awkward part...
then the girl slows down and waits for him almost and he swings the sword up.... weird... the slashing and the doging of the girl is okay.. i think the guy's swing is really stiff...
but from the fireball to the end is okay... except when the guy takes teh few swings, has the sword in the air, and then his her with his other hand?!?!?! that really had no flow and doesn't work at all... cause he just swung up and he's still got inertia going up and back, and his other had hit her with such little force.. i can't really explain it... it just really stuck out to me like a sore thumb...

4) work on a better tansition... too much dead time inbetween the "showdown" and the walk cycle

5) the walk cycle is nice... kinda jerky...

6) I think wiht the last segment with the bear girl thing you should definatly change the music.. and fade to something else...

anyways.. i'm not trying to be a jerk.. but if you are going to send this out you should really consider revising it if you want these places to take you seriously! but otherwise keep it up!!!! :thumbsup:

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