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01 January 2006, 04:17 PM
Hey guys.

This is my newest reel. I have some issues with it myslef, but I had to put this together really quickly (no excuses though!).

So, if you could give me some honest feedback, stuff to drop from the reel, maybe switching some stuff around etc I would really appreciate it. Any advice is good advice so fire away! (Quicktime 70mb)

Sorry about the huge size! Most of the rigs and models etc I have found for free on the Internet, so it's just the animation you need to look at! (You can download the links from a link on this forum, I think they are under the rigging part 'Free Rigs)

Thanks for your time guys



01 January 2006, 08:51 PM

Nice stuff! A very fun reel. I'd like to see more of the mech at the very end...perhaps it going up against one of your more cartoon like guys.

01 January 2006, 11:26 AM
Hey Stu, got some good stuff here, also some things that could be improved...

The size of the reel is probably why you haven't got many comments so far - I downloaded it overnight because I know you, but otherwise would have given up, cause I'm lazy ;) You shouldn't need it that large - sorenson 3 with a keyframe every 25 frames should give you a file size around 30 meg tops.

15 secs of black at the start is way too much, go for 4 and don't worry about any fancy text animation stuff, just put the basics up there. Same at the end, 10 secs is too much for a web reel, unless this is going onto dvd/tape but even then people can pause and note down details.

Last general comment is don't create an animation demo reel which is only every second frame - you lose half your animation work!

The opening shot doesn't do anything for me, its definitely not your strongest piece. I'd open with the hanging guy or the box push, both of those are solid.

The lowman clip is too short and doesn't have a strong motivation to it, probably take that out.

The red guy clip starts out really nice with the walk, but by the end kind of loses it - why does he feel sad at the end?

The knight piece is nice, could do with the sound clip there. Ballie walk and turn are nice.

The bmx-er doesn't have any weight, the bike isn't moving side to side at all as he peddles, it just isn't as polished as your other work. The ball on the assault course is maybe a bit basic, I'd take it out. The walk with the lantern is good.

The wolverine clip is a bit odd, he looks a little feminine in the way he holds his hands when the blades come out, the poses should be more forceful and he should really clench his fists when shooting out the blades.

The transforming robot clip isn't really showing anything new, and is a bit slow, would take it out.

The running stu is really nice, and a good end of reel piece - great to have some slapsick at the end. The mech at the very end feels a bit short, would take it out unless you can do more with it - the final pose of the mech isn't too strong in terms of silhouette.

So in all it could be tightened up, shortened, and have the encoding on ones. Doesn't need to be longer than 1:30 really. But it is a good start to a reel, and by the end of AM you'll have something very impressive, keep at it!

01 January 2006, 03:28 PM
Hey guys, thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, Matt I totally agree with most of your crits there. Thanks for the info on the compression and stuff too, I will be tightening it all up and chopping and changing a few bits in there, as some I really have some big issues about.

Thanks again guys. More crits are welcome BTW (I will try get that file size down in the next few days)



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01 January 2006, 03:28 PM
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