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Chris Thomas
01 January 2006, 03:01 PM
Hi, just a quick update on the progress of our new DVDs here at CG Academy

Intermediate Texturing 1: The Unwrap UVW Tool by Chris Thomas
Following on (so to speak) from the great success of Dominic Qwek's new Advanced Unwrapping DVD, comes our intermediate title that gives an introduction to the Unwrap Tool in 3dsmax 8.0. This DVD is being produced by me (Chris Thomas) and covers the fundamentals of UVW Unwrapping, shows the various GUI elements of this extensive tool and then goes on to a real world example where I unwrap a game model using a combination of manual and automatic unwrapping tools. This will be a must have DVD for anyone that wishes to learn how to unwrap, and is required viewing for anyone with a low level of experience with this tool that wishes to learn how to unwrap creatures via Dominic Advanced title.

Once this DVD is released, we'll be bundling it along with the two other DVDs in this series to form the Texturing Series boxed set. As with our other boxed sets, buying the DVDs this way will get you a 10% discount on the total price of the bundle, and of course will also bring savings on post and packaging.

Intermediate Rigging 4: Facial Rigging by Paul Neale
This DVD is in the closing stages of being recorded by Paul. It covers two separate approaches to rigging a characters face. The first technique makes use of a morph centric workflow, whilst the second technique explores using bones to create facial expressions. I understand Paul is very happy with the way the rig and indeed the DVD has turned out. Apparently even though its not his most complex facial rig to date, he has found it to be one of his most effective and intuitive.

Again, once this DVD is released it will be bundled with the other 3 DVDs in this series to form a 4 DVD Intermediate Rigging Series boxed set. The usual 10% discount and P&P savings apply.

Advanced MAXScript 1: The Matrix, Explained by Borislav Petrov
This DVD has been a labour of love from Bobo and it really shows in its duration and quality. What's it all about? Well I realised that there are a number of users out there that may have had a pretty decent schooling and grasp of math during high school and college, but who in later years let those skills slip for various reasons. The skills I'm talking about here are in trig, Vector and Matrix math, and its this small set of math concepts that open a door to an entire world of 3D power.

3dsmax, Maya, XSI they are all written based on these mathematic tools, and if you can grasp and use these tools in your own scripting, particle work and so on then you can push your scripting skills to new levels. This DVD is a practical course, taught by Bobo via a combination of practical interactive examples and with numerous real world scripted examples. Rather than explaining the dry math, Bobo shows how trig, vector math and matrix math work in real time, in the viewport. Making the learning of this math much more intuitive and instantly applicable.

Who is this DVD applicable to?

Scripters that wish to build 3D GUI elements
Scripters that wish to align one scene element with another in some way
Particle Flow users that wish to understand and take control of their particles
Particle Flow users intending to use Orbaz's Box#3 extension to Particle Flow (This will make using that system soooooo much easier)
People who wish to move onto shader coding and scripting (Its all 3D math....)
Etc etc

I'm in the pre-editing stage with this DVD, and so far I have to say its been a pleasure and a real eye opener for me to watch. Straight away in chapter one I was learning skills that are really going to open the door for me into new professional avenues. A personal thanks goes out to Bobo for producing what I think is a DVD unique to CG Academy and shows just where we are going with our DVDs.

Release dates? Well, as ever these are loose as these have to be produced around my day job (and that always comes first). So, rough dates are....

Intermediate Texturing1: 23rd January (Next Monday)

Intermediate Rigging 4 & Boxed Set: 30th January

Advanced MAXScript 1: 6th to 10th February

I'll post more news on these as it rolls in.


01 January 2006, 04:32 PM
greates News!

thank's bye all 3ds max comunity! :buttrock:

Chris Thomas
01 January 2006, 12:30 PM
Thanks dude ;)

A quick update: Paul Neale has posted some demo animations of the final rig in action in this thread here. Looks like this DVD is going to be a must have. Can't wait to start editing it :)


01 January 2006, 10:22 AM
the maxscripting DVD will simply rockkk.The contents look very promising.

thank you bobo,cg academy.


Chris Thomas
01 January 2006, 12:14 PM
No problem Boomji. I had the idea for Bobo's DVD whilst testing Orbaz's new Box#3 extension for Particle Flow..

Anyway, when testing out this system I realised that there is a core set of math which is really needed to make the most of working with particles, and thats both using Box#3 and also whilst scripting. Also, the same math had been a block to me whilst scripting some GUI element experiments a few months back. So I thought, if I need some tutoring in this area, then I'm sure many others do also. A quick chat with Bobo and the idea of this DVD was born.

I think its going to be a great title for a lot of different people out there. If you are a particle TD, or want to become a particle/FX TD, this DVD is going to be a real must. It will give you much more control when scripting your particles, and will also make using Box3# much more feasible. Box#3 is heavily based on Trig, Vector and Matrix math, so understanding how to use that set of math is very important.

And beyond that usage Bobo has also gone on to produce a rendering engine totally in MAXScript ! The mans a genius thats all I'll say. The last example on the DVD shows how to build a raytracing rendering engine using the math and scripts that Bobo teaches in the eariler sections of the DVD. Great stuff.

As of today DVD2 of the Texturing series is about 75% edited. So I'm aiming for an end of week release date for that DVD.


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01 January 2006, 12:14 PM
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