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01 January 2006, 05:38 AM
U can see my showreel at (
It's not specific 3d, more of an allround reel, stuff i made or fun etc..
Feedback is welcome!!

01 January 2006, 03:39 PM
Hey nice reel. It's not amazing, but it's good. It has its good stuff, and some regular stuff. If you got rid of the regular stuff, it's be a very good reel. For example, all the hammer/nail animations. They are not very well lit, and have a lot of faceting issues. You definately should keep the "white" woman in the subway, and the moving benches, as well as some 2D stuff and some stop motion I've seen. The "santa punch" is not bad, but I would get rid of those background buildings. The cubes with images are someting I would be expecting to see in a late 1980's reel... you should probably get rid of that too... :-/
The ugly butt swinging should probably go too, since it's not funny, it's just ugly.
The boxing women should stay in the reel.

Sorry if I seem harsh, I'm only honestly telling what I think about the reel. As I said, there's some good stuff there, it's just "contaminated" with some not-so-good stuff.
I'm also no authority on the field, I'm 25 with only 3 years of industry experience. So don't take what I'm telling you as "the truth". It's just my personal opinion.

I'm also unsure of what job you would be seeking with this reel, as it's very broad.

Good luck!

01 January 2006, 12:51 PM
tnx for the feedback!
Don't worry about being harsh, these are the comments i'm looking for.. I'm kinda new in the animation industry.. Anyway, I'm a person who likes to play with al different kind of animations, but you would say a too diverse reel would work against me?

01 January 2006, 05:34 PM
Well, I don't know about the job market over there, but usually an employer wants a guy who is good in doing one thing. If you're planning on going 3D, you should probably put almost only your 3D stuff, and maybe end with a little of the other stuff, just to show that you can also do it. Same with the other techniques.
As I understand it, big companies look for very specialized staff (that is, for example, a 3D animator, who JUST animates). Medium to small companies look for people who can cover many fields, still in one technique (for example, a 3D generalist). I don't know of companies who look for one guy who can do any technique. This is just my point of view.
My reel, for example, is also broad, but you won't see things that aren't 3D or don't contain 3D. If I had stop motion, I'd put it after the reel "ends" (during the end credits or after). But that is just me.

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01 January 2006, 05:34 PM
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