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03 March 2002, 02:13 AM
I currently have a 3D labs Oxygen VX1 agp and I am thinking about upgrading to a dual monitor setup. My question is: What combination would be the best one? (Note I have a budget of about $400)

1- Change the VX1 from agp to pci (I can do this exchange where I work for free) and buy a GeForce4 Ti4400 ($299)

2- Change the VX1 to pci and get a GeForce3 and modify to a Quadro DCC (with softquadro) ($199)

3- Get rid of the VX1 and have a GeForce2 MX (modified to a Quadro MXR) together with either the GeForce3 (Soft-Quadro DCC) or the GeForce4 ($280-400)

Thanks for the help.

By the way my specs are:

Athon XP 1800+ (maybe later to be a Dual XP 1800+)
Shuttle ak31a KT266A (I know it is not the best one but works fine!)
512mb pc2100 DDR
40gb + 20gb HD
Oxygen VX1

03 March 2002, 04:02 AM
I would buy a dual head geforce3, and trade the one you have for a pci. Then you could run 3 monitors if you desired, for well under $400. Personally I don't really recommend doing a pci/agp combo, especially if using different brand cards. Your best to buy a card designed for it, you'll have less headaches down the road.

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