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01 January 2006, 03:10 PM
Hi everyone :)

the question I have might seem a bit odd for most of you I assume, anyway:
IŽd like to know if someone out there can share some insight if older NVidia drivers (like the 56.xx for instance) and a FX5950Ultra are an option when it comes to project:messiah?
Or better yet: which nvidia-driver is the oldest one you guys successfully use with the most recent messiah-versions?

lengthy explanation ahead:

I seem to have a really strange problem that is apparently related to the combo of graphicsboard and drivers/codecs I am using: video files turn green - not all but in particular quicktime are a 100-percent-candidate...

I am able to play these files in certain players (after lots of experimenting...), as there are VideoLan, RealPlayer, MediaPlayerClassic etc. But editing is still a no-no... everytime I try to scrub inside for instance Premiere or even Windows Movie Maker, the viewport turns green and system starts choking, in some rare cases it causes spontanious reboots... :sad:

the combination seems to be NVidia 5xxx- Graphicsboards (I personally tried FX5950 Ultra and FX5700), recent nvidia-drivers, having installed the Quicktime 7.xx codecs (even uninstalling QT doesnŽt help, once you had them installed it appears) - only solution in regards to QT seems to re-install the system (WinXP Pro SP2, btw...) and grab an older QT-Installer, 6 or 6.5 seem to work...:shrug:
I am still trying to avoid that...

I found some people that had success solving the problem using recent QT-codecs (7.00 and higher) in conjunction with NVidia 48.xx or 56.xx drivers on a FX5xxx. Thus the initial question...

But are these drivers something that anyone on this forum can recommend for messsiah-uses - as we all know messiah is rather picky when it comes to driver/openGL-related things...
And before I try ten or twelve different drivers just to find out they suck, I thought hey why not ask someone... :rolleyes:

Would be really cool if someone can help here :)

01 January 2006, 05:47 PM
I have that exact video card.

I have stuck with the 78.XX drivers.

I tried the 80.XX but it started giving me problems with Messiah and a few other apps so I rolled back to the latest 78.XX

I'm not having any problems with Messiah but. . . I stuck with Quicktime 6.5 because 7 jacks up the audio on my After Effects.

Apple have really stuffed things up with Quicktime 7. :-(

01 January 2006, 02:20 PM
Thank you William, that got me a little closer - system seems pretty stable at the moment... :)

Okay, what I did so far: going back to 78.01 and QT 6.5.1 working fine just as you suggested...

Adding only the 7.x.x QT codecs (using quicktimealternative1.67 from - i.e. without any of the crap that comes with iTunes and the regular QT 7.x.x ...) got me rid of the green-viewingpane-issue. but still got me troubles when any audio-editing was involved (spontanious reboots and the likes :sad: ) - probably more or less what you were experiencing...

The next thing I tried was going back even further: installing the 56.72-Drivers :D leaving the most recent QT-codec installed using the qt-alternative pack on the system :scream:...
Result so far: everything running fine until now: editing video, sound, even messiah is still behaving... Hmm, I will have an eye on it and report if anything odd is happening...

Anyone knows any reason why I should not use the ancient 56.72 driver on a WinXP pro SP2 32-Bit system, messiah, LW, the occasional Maya and 3dsMax?:hmm:

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01 January 2006, 02:20 PM
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