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01 January 2006, 06:59 PM
BlobMaker is back!

What is BlobMaker 2.2? BlobMaker 2.2 is a EIAS plugin that you can easily define as a "very fast MrBlobby". The plugin was written as a fast metaballs engine capable of processing a large amount of blobs. Originally written in 1998, the creators of this lightning fast engine have rebuilt the code for all current EIAS users. The main advantadge of the plugin, speed, is still present, plus it has been enchanced and empowered with a new set of features.

BlobMaker 2.2 features:

Fast Blob generation.
Sphere factor: A kind of "morph" between the yielding blob and the original model.
Texture Inflation: This feature generates UV's y inheritting the original model UV coordinates.
Reactive Features: A set of reactive options has been added.
Noise: A Noise panel now is part of BlobMaker. Very interesting and unique effects can be achieved when using Noise.
Blobs per Vertex or facet, including different size options.
SeveralTexture options.
Blob Threshold.
Different Animator /Camera output resolutions for fast project set up.

Check some specs on our webpage here:

And some samples posted here:

BlobMaker 2.2 runs under EIAS 5.X - 6.X Systems: OS X and Windows.

Price is $150 (usd)

Available at

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01 January 2006, 06:59 PM
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