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11 November 2002, 06:17 AM
Here is one I did for fun. It seems as though there are a lot of Primes out there so I thought I would give Megatron a go. I have not yet had time to texture him but maybe one of these days.

11 November 2002, 06:22 AM
whats up chris, this is brandon. megatron kicks ass. looks like ill have to put up prime soon....

11 November 2002, 06:24 AM
Heck Yea! Have you textured that bad boy yet?

11 November 2002, 06:33 AM
Nope, i havent gotten around to texturing him yet, but i plan on getting it all done tomorrow, after i get through stuffing my faceof course. We still need to get both of ours textured an face them off:thumbsup:

11 November 2002, 06:53 AM
show us more images and some wireframes....this looks great!

11 November 2002, 07:00 AM
man.. that looks cool :) What this dude needs is a REALLY dramatic camera angle! :buttrock: like... from the ground up. :) And a dramatic, evil pose! Hehe! Neat stuff!

11 November 2002, 07:17 AM
As an avid Transformers lover I Have to say good job. But as an avid Megatron lover I have one or two minor crits:

1. push in his face a bit just so the shadow on his brow looks a little nastier!:twisted:
2. depending on what your reference is I'dd like to see like more thikness in the arms.

other than that I just would love to see some other POVs and maybe a mesh and you would seriously be my new hero.

11 November 2002, 07:50 AM
Thanks, You are right about showing off the brow a bit more, as for my reference, I use the Marvel Comics, Specificaly issue #8, I love the way he was drawn there. his arms are a little thin in that issue and I thickened them up a tad. I also have a few details from the cartoon thrown in for good mesure. Oh I would love to post a wireframe but I am affraid I do not know how to render one, "I have never had a reason to". I am using MAYA 4.5 if you know.

11 November 2002, 09:57 AM
Very nice. i agree with the comment about the arms needing to have more thickness to them. Plus if your giong for a maquet look, i ould think about posing him in more of a action pose rather then a stiff stance.

Very nice.

11 November 2002, 10:10 AM
Nice model by the way, Thought i would use your thread as an opp to post my megatron model. Idone him a couple of months back so here you are, trusty old lazerbeak in the background.:buttrock:

Ive also modelled some other transformers including soundwave and most of starscream.

11 November 2002, 04:00 PM us the other ones you've done....

11 November 2002, 04:24 PM
here you go proton as you asked for them, im glad you like megatron by the way. These are the uncoloured versions. Alas i only just realised that i never finished starscream.

11 November 2002, 04:26 PM
laserbeak for you

11 November 2002, 04:29 PM
and here you go, sorry that its wip in the finished gallery. Hope you all like them :buttrock: :buttrock:

Corn Dog
11 November 2002, 05:50 PM
Has anyone a LW transformer thats been animated to transform? I was think about doing this eventually, once I got my skills developed.

11 November 2002, 05:54 PM
looks great...thanx for sharing....

11 November 2002, 06:53 PM
Hey, I really Like your soundwave, he has always been a favorite of mine. here is another look at my Megatron in a less stiff a pose. Although its hard to pose him without getting intersecting geomety. Has anyone tried modeling UNICRON?

11 November 2002, 08:03 PM
Nope, but if you want some reference pics:

Nice looking transformers by the way, you should get around to texturing and animating them.:)

All the best. :)

11 November 2002, 10:09 PM
Looking good! :buttrock:

11 November 2002, 10:57 PM
That's actually "Neo Unicron"

I plan on modelling that guy sometime. transforming and all, but i have a few other items on my todo list before hand.

Megatron there is looking mega pimp. same with that shockwave model. I know a few people who would be in love right now.

road to hell
11 November 2002, 02:31 AM
Transformers :buttrock:

11 November 2002, 07:14 AM
Hey branden... If your your up and reading this, go ahead and stick your Prime up here. Everyone else is. So far its just a buch of Dicepticreeps. Were are the autobots?

11 November 2002, 05:18 PM
:bounce: yah more transformers_lets see them

11 November 2002, 04:38 AM
I made an optimus that transforms
i posted it a while back here and some guy told me it blows

However i like it
so here it is again

and he actually transforms :)


11 November 2002, 06:16 AM
I'm such a sucker for transformers! obviously alot of us are! Those models are looking nice! and tha tneo unicron toy looks insane!!! anyone into neon genesis evangelion? i would love to see some models of some evas, i did one a while back but it was just a poly modeling exersise for myself and it's crap.. i would love to see some evas!!! GIANT ROBOTS ROCK!!!! :thumbsup:

11 November 2002, 10:41 PM
Hey, If you can, post up the animation of your Optimus, I would like to see it transform, or maybee even just a pick of him in truck mode would surfice. the texures on him are a little cartoony, but if thats what you were going for I would say he looks fine.

11 November 2002, 10:49 PM
just cause we are on this tranformers kick.. check this out!!!



not my work by the way... but pretty damn cool!!! :bounce:

11 November 2002, 11:22 PM
Hey the link to my optimus aniamtion is at

unfortunalty its tripod so it might not work
or u may need to cut and paste

if u have DAP it will work for sure


12 December 2002, 12:40 AM
Ha, i used to be into transformers a few years back ,this thread has brought back quite a few memories, and that beetle thing is really cool! :eek: :beer:

01 January 2003, 02:33 AM
Prime owns you all!!!!! And thats the movie prime, not the cheesy anime pokeman crap prime.

01 January 2003, 04:05 AM
I'm glad I am not the only guy that is still loves the original Transformers. Here's one I did in C4D a few months back.

01 January 2003, 06:01 AM
that bettle composition totally rocks :buttrock:

01 January 2003, 06:17 AM
Excellent work on Megatron! I may have missed it, but how long did it take for you to model him? The reason I ask, is because if it doesn't take you a great deal...I can see a shot "very posterish" of Megatron and a few of his cronies standing at his side. That would be a really good image. I agree that the arms need to be a tad bit thicker, but just very little. Wonderful Work.


01 January 2003, 06:39 AM
you are are lab instructer now arent you? A3d? me and chris both are in second lab

01 January 2003, 11:34 AM
YEAH! Soundwave ROCKS! He was my favorite Transformer! (it shows, huh?).... :)

Excellent work on Megatron, too...! Lets see him with some textures!

08 August 2004, 02:25 PM
All of them look sweet. Hope they'll all end up transforming now that would be cool!!:bounce: I get excited just thinking about it!!!

I like G1 just as much as anyone but howcome the only autobot anyone moddels is optimus??:curious:

08 August 2004, 01:52 AM
Wow, I posted this thing almost 2 yrs ago, supprised to see him up. Well since i last asked if anyone has done unicron, I have. Here he is.

08 August 2004, 11:44 AM
Woah that's sweet dude really how about doing his alt mode then mabe he'll transform!!:bounce:

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