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01 January 2006, 12:49 AM
I've been painting a little every night to improve my skills.
As I paint my little girls sometimes come over and sit and my lap and ask me to do different things to the model

here's the input I got (which came while I was in the midst of painting)

Girl 1: daddy make me a pony
Me: Um, okay, I'll try but I'm not really good with drawing ponies
Girl 2: ooo make it a unicorn
Girl 1 & 2: yeah a unicorn pony!
Me: Er. Ok?
Girl 1: Daddy, could you make it red. I want a red pony
Me: K.
Girl 1: Daddy is that red, it looks pink
Me: It's light red
Girl 1:Isnt light red, pink?
Girl 2: Daddy that doesnt really look like a pony
Me: Don't you girls have something to clean or do or something?
Girl 1: Can you make it green?
Me: okay, green it is
Girl 3: Daddy what is that?
Me: What are you talking about , its the pony you asked me to make
Girl 3: Daddy, I didnt ask you to make a pony
Me: (turns around and looks at her) your not girl 1 are you? your her twin sister, arent you?
Girl 3: yes daddy
Me: the twin sister who hasn't been in here this whole time and didnt know i was drawing a pony for your sister
Girl 3: yes daddy
Me: well its a pony
Girl 3: Could you make it red?
Me: It is red, light red
Girl 3: Its looking so beautiful
Me: you know, you always were my favourite
Wife: what is that thing?
Me: Its a pony
Wife: it looks like a pig man face
Me: pony
Wife: Have you ever seen a pony?
Me: yes
Wife: Seriously thats the ugliest pony ever seen
Me: okay
Wife: Um, when the kids ask you to draw a pony, you can draw a stick pony and it will make them happy
Me: Honey, I'm an artist. I dont "do" stick ponies.
Wife: Apparently, you dont' "do" real ponies either.
Girl 2: Daddy can you draw a fish?
Me: yes, I can do that.

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01 January 2006, 12:49 AM
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