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11 November 2002, 09:05 PM
OK i couldnt find the answer in the manual, but i made a booboo and set up some files at teh wrong resolution (set up for square pix when it hsould have been for ntsc dv1 0.9 pixel aspect ratio). using proxies of video footage. the thing is by time comes to render theres no time to reset all the keys and manualls change the scale of everything.

now i'm having troubles as i thought well provided i bring in the final footage as proxy it should be ok, just render out the final thing back down. so the proxy footage gets scaled up, then back down again. not neat or clean i know but should do the trick.... trouble is even at best settings i get stepping. now aside from changeing all the layers that involvee proxy footage to precomps, bringing in the original footage into teh precomps and scaling that... is there any way to force good aliasing on the proxy footage so that it's not rendering as if it were "rough"?

picture it this way. i want to render the final composition using proxy footage, but i don't want any rough edges (it seems that the quality switch makes no difference to proxy footage, so i guess i'm asking how can i make it so that the quality switch does make a difference?)

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