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11 November 2002, 03:02 PM

This was our first Flash site. It's a year old now and in desperate need of updating. We were working on an update for a Robotics show we were going to do but we fell short with our funding. I know the site has some issues but it did what it needed to at the time. I'd appreciate hearing any comments.

The site was built to publicize a Rapid Prototyping and 3d Printing art exhibition we organized. Anybody out there interested in this technology? There will be another show in 2003...


Paul Spence
01 January 2003, 07:34 PM
Hi Artcore - Yes I'm interested in RP.....

will check out your links and return next week.

Currently I'm using the DTM Sinterstation with steel and hard nylon. Excellent machine.




01 January 2003, 10:57 PM

I thought that post was long dead. I'm running an SLA 5000. We also work with a local service bureau who have 2 Sinterstations. Occasionally, we need the odd Duraform part. They were one of the Beta sites for Laserform but I've never needed to use that process.

I'll look forward to what you think of the site.


Paul Spence
01 January 2003, 11:31 AM

Hi Artcore - very nice looking site. wish I had the flash time myself

Did'nt see any RP or robotics? though have only spent about 30 seconds (at work).

Your Man with all the degree's on the 'about us' section..... I see he went to Glasgow School of Art. No wonder you have such a good looking site :o)

I'm resposible for the very basic looking - a quick report knocked up last year, that still needs tidied up, but you can see the technology on the engineering link.

I noticed elsewhere on the CG board that you are using Rhino.....great wee package. Many of our Engineers use it.

Not only is RP thin on the CG site but Haptics are a bit scarce too. Any experience of such sensable interfaces?

Any feedback on my report would be appreciated - the future CAD CAM page has a topical feel to it...........(~:

Hows the weather over their?


Paul (

01 January 2003, 12:26 AM

That "man with all the degrees" would be me. I did pretty well when it came to winning scholarships and grants.

I'm from Ayrshire in Scotland but I've been working in the States for the past 4 years. My "day job" is working in Product Development for a consumer baby products company (car seats, prams, bottles, etc. - I do some I.D. work, troubleshoot mechanisms and build prototypes and sales samples.) The rest of the time I've got the artcore non-profit thing going, I also exhibit as half of rootoftwo (interdisciplinary art partnership - psychology experiments usually involving technology) and do CG visualizations on the side.

All the RP and robotics stuff on the site is in the Intersculpt:Ohio bit. Click on the "Projects" button and choose "Artists". All the works involve RP in some form or other. In addition to this we also built 27 Thermojet works in the gallery during the run of the show.

Rhino is my first choice when it comes to software. However, I will use ProEngineer and 3ds Max (badly) for some things.

I took a look at your site. Really interesting stuff on the Maitreya Project. I get Time Compression Technologies here but I think the US version is different - I don't remember seeing that article before. I'm not sure exactly which report you want feedback on. Point me in the right direction.

I should put you in touch with a great friend of mine, Keith Brown - he's Head of Sculpture, Time-Based & Digital Media at Manchester Metropolitan University. He's currently putting together another RP exhibition for the Lowry Centre in Salford. Keith turned me on to RP. Maybe you've crossed paths with him already? His website is

Keith has been working with Neil Davies of Imaging Technologies at the SERCentre of De Montfort University. They have been working on 3d projection and lenticular imaging. They were recently presenters at ISEA in Japan. He's a good person to know. He has an article in Rapid Prototyping Casebook edited by McDonald, Ryall and Wimpenny, Professional Engineering Publishing, 2001.

Are you aware of a process of 3D laser engraving in crystal? Example here:

It might be of interest to you or someone you work with. Sorry about the hideous website.

I got to try out Sensable's rig a couple of years ago. When they first came to market they brought one by to see if we wanted to buy one. I would have had it but I just couldn't justify the expense. It takes a lot of effort just to justify the 30K annual maintenance contract on the SLA.

The weather here sucks. This morning when I left for work it was 0 degrees Fahrenheit. I could feel my nose hairs freezing.


01 January 2003, 11:22 PM
Can I ask why you chose that particular font for the intro? It doesnt seem to do it much justice in terms of design.

Also in the artists section the text is incredibly small and difficult to read, maybe use a font with a lower cap height.

Although it seems okay in the details section.

I recognize the concentric circle rings around your ident, is it from a fontalicious dingbats something like 'superstar deejay'?

Also you might want to proof read your next update.

01 January 2003, 02:03 PM

Thanks for the comments. Point taken on the font. That was one of the arguments I lost. There's 2 of us doing everything here and compromise doesn't always (ever?) make for good design. Thanks for the ammunition.

For the next update we've finally worked out how to make the site automatically resize to the browser. We couldn't work out how to do that in time and it was more important to get something out in time for the opening of the show. We were competing for attention with the other cities. We'll make it more readable in the next iteration.

Believe it or not, the concentric circle thingy is a polar array of curves I threw together in Rhino and output to Flash as an Illustrator file. I have a thing about the number eleven - so its supposed to be 11 circles radiating like an atomic core. Of course, "artcore" replaces one of these. Its pretty generic really. I've since seen almost the reverse thing as the logo for the new magazine Atomica. They have 15 circles.

Can you be more specific on the need to proof read? I've looked it over again and don't see what you spotted. Maybe you're seeing the differences between American and British English? Over here they spell "organisation" - "organization". Drives me barmy. Any help would be great.


Paul Spence
01 January 2003, 04:59 PM
I'd spell it with an 'S' artcore if thats any help.

0 fahrenheit, thats pretty cold.. It must look gorgeous though.

So do they sell nose hair warmers in your local stores?

Congratulations on your degrees, we tried sending in the Durer photocopies with our applications......but the success rate was pretty slim.

I did well out of the Caledonian Society in Wales however whilst getting an MA in Ceramic Design.

I appreciate the links to local digi artists, I must follow these up. The Crystal RP is a bit gob-smacking. Some kind of Resin? Or lasers into silica and lead?

Speak to you soon

Slangivagh (0:

:beer: friday 5o'clock

02 February 2003, 06:44 PM

I've been up to my eyeballs recently. My responsibilities at work have now grown to include design and engineering on top of the prototyping. I've been re-inventing the wheel this week.

I emailed Keith Brown at MMU and gave him the link to your site. He says he will drop you a line and introduce himself. He's been working with BMW Rover at Warwick University on some LOM sculptures.

I don't know exactly how the crystal RP process works. I know it has something to do with focusing a laser and forming bubbles. I think Keith has had some pieces made in this way. He should be able to tell you more. I'll remind him to get in touch with you.


Paul Spence
02 February 2003, 11:24 AM
Hi Artcore..been pretty busy myself. We're building an RP device here, in collaboration with colleague from DePauw Uni' in US. Usual brit approach with sellotape and HP sauce forming the core of the structure :0)

(tried to uplaod image but no luck with the bytes)

I'd be very keen to meet your colleague here working at Warwick. We have academic links with them which would be sensable to further enhance.

Trouble with this 3d technology and consequent objects are the programing requirements. Did'nt we go to artschool to avoid all these maths?

Anyway, slowly picking up C++ (the manual that is).

02 February 2003, 10:02 PM

Sounds very interesting. I spoke (at length) with Keith yesterday. I reminded him to get in touch with you. We're looking at the feasibility of going after an ACE/AHRB Fellowship for me to work with some scientists/engineers in Manchester. The deadline is a bit tight but hopefully we can get it together.

Anyway, I'll keep poking him and make sure he gets in touch with you.


Michael Chen
02 February 2003, 11:00 PM
Looks nice :)

Suggestions :

Create seperate swf files, so we don't have to load everything in one go.

Increasing the frame speed to about 24 fps, the tweening just seems to move quite slow.

Stick with 2 to 3 types of text styles, try not to use a much as 3.

But overall your site looks fine :thumbsup:

Hope that helped :D

02 February 2003, 12:28 AM
hey, i couldn't get that link to load about the 3D laser engraving in crystal.

Might just be this oldass MAC (OS 8.5 :eek: ) I'm on right now. I'd like to learn more about this process. Sounds like another avenue for my artwork. :) I like to try new thing for my artwork...maybe this could be another way. Thanks for any help. Anymore links would be helpful. And ideas on cost would be great as well. :bounce:

02 February 2003, 02:51 AM

Thanks for the comments. We are off to a good start with the rebuild. I'll definately take a look at breaking up the swf files and changing the frame rate. The dodgy fonts are already gone! I'll make sure and post as soon as the new version hits.


Here is the original email message I received -

"Stewart DICKSON, Christian LAVIGNE, André MORISSEAU et Frédéric ORTUN are pleased to announce the birth of the company CYBERSCULPTURE & CO, "cyberfabrication of digital objects".

The objective of this enterprise is to meet the needs of 3D-media professionals in Art, Science and Education (sculptors, architects, designers, researchers, teachers. ..), and also to promote the digital 3D objects to a wide public.

For this, we set up 3 services:

1) A manufacturing service for the materialisation of 3D objects. This service starts with 3D laser-engraving in crystal, and will later be completed by 3D color printing.
2) A service for the creation of custom-made objects (sculptures, trophys, design, communication objects, prestige gifts. ..)
3) A cybergallery of avant-garde artists of digital sculpture.

The first version of our Web site is now available, and we invite you to visit us at "

Sorry, but I can't let you know about costs - best idea would be to contact them direct. Christian Lavigne in France is at -

I do know that for the Intersculpt exhibition they accept submissions and usually make the stuff for free. See more at

With more lasered crystal images at


I hope this helps. Let me know if I can help.


Paul Spence
02 February 2003, 11:43 AM
This looks fascinating Artcore. ......... hope to make some time to follow up your friends in Manchester. Busy, Busy here - and that's just the house maintenance.

On that subject I'm modelling in Archicad towards a glass roof for our kitchen. such a nice program to use.

I hope soon to send some images for submission to your cyber gallery. And with any luck maybe mail over some rp's of said models.

-2 Celisius here this morning.. extra layers on for cycling into work.

Chilly over their still?

The only Flash work I have to show so far is on the site. A recent graduate gave us some of his student files to demo to the first years. I guess it was these files (on the student modeling page) that I was interested to hear you thoughts on ? Luckily he gave us some of his development drawings aswell as the finished sketches.

Neil Lovell is his name, he's doing very well now in the developing technology-corridor here in the Midlands.

The printer is on course. Still cutting the steel for the frame and gas welding it together.

Will you be making it over to Copenhagen in May? Fingers crossed I can fill out the necessary forms to get over.




02 February 2003, 05:46 PM
artcore, thanks for all the info and links. i can't seem to get the impression3d site to load on any computer at home or work. any ideas? is it working for you?


02 February 2003, 12:07 AM

The impression3d site is not working for me either. It was up just a couple of days ago. It's anyone's guess what is up with it. Best bet would be to email Christian Lavigne and introduce yourself. I've never met him but he seems ok from his emails. I'm sure they are having some teething trouble with their new venture.


Keith Brown is preparing an Intersculpt show for the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester (not the Lowry - that deal fell through). I won't be doing another one in Dayton this year. I'm just pimping for Keith. Circumstances in the art scene here in Dayton have changed significantly - enough that I don't think it would be wise to try and build on the great success we had in 2001. Some of my most powerful allies have left town - with good reason. That's a very long story... I'm trying to get Ohio State University in Columbus interested in hosting it. Check them out here

I did my MFA there. Huge school - 60,000 students!

It's warming up here. I think it might have gotten up to freezing point today. The foot and a half of snow is something to behold, too.

Bizarre bit of Flash animation on your site. Makes you think twice about answering the phone.

What are you using in your RP printer? If you're allowed to say I'd love to know more about it.

I won't be in Copenhagen but I'm hoping to be back in the UK by then. Fingers crossed.


02 February 2003, 03:51 AM
There is an "intermediate" new version of the site up. Consider it a WIP. Criticism welcome. It still needs help.


Paul Spence
02 February 2003, 12:36 PM
Hi Artcore - your updated site is easier to read, with slightly larger lettering. I find the scroll down arrows a bit fiddly on Flash - the text tends to leap rather than smoothly flow down the page.

Perhaps this is my mouse interface here on an aging sgi......

I did'nt see the link to AN website? Are you still in touch with them?

generally your site feels pretty cutting edge.. particularly your promotion of alternative RP applications.

I must send you some pics



Paul Spence
04 April 2003, 09:34 AM

Hi Artcore - havent navigated back to this thread for a while...busy on ceramic publishing project which is way beyond deadline delivery.

Re-reading your last posting, the materials we have here are multivarious. The standard material through the sinterstation is Nylon. Hard wearing material, so good for all kinds of applications.

I would like to get a hold of some ceramic sinterstation material, ceramic powder bound with a polymer which is fired out in a second processing through a kiln after initial model sintering.

Meanwhile we're making our own version........on the site is a pic of a 3d printer we're developing............I'll try to keep you posted on developments. We will be printing glass & ceramics. I may have mentioned this before. The recipies for the priniting materials are the key to it's success.........a bit like making ceramic glazes, or mothers shortbread recipe :o)

Do you get back to Sconnie Botland much? We have a plentiful supply of Irn Bru down here, but not so much in the way of mountains etc.

hope things are going well



04 April 2003, 05:56 PM

Hi. I haven't been back here for a while either. I am moving back to the UK on April 22nd. I will spend some time in Scotland before moving back to Manchester to see if I can get this Research Fellowship funded. We applied to the ACE/AHRB and are awaiting the verdict. The folks at MMU/UMIST are quite keen to work with me - I think it's worth the risk and expense of moving.

I will get in touch with you when I get to that side, I'd love to come and see what you are doing and see what connections we can make.

There is a new section on the artcore site. It now has some of my work with rootoftwo and some of my other stuff in my bio section.


06 June 2003, 07:50 PM

Sorry to anyone else reading this! Paul, is there another email address I can contact you on? I'm in Blighty, again. I've been sharing with the folks at Manchester Metropolitan University what you are up to. One of their researchers is keen to talk with you.

He is a Research Fellow in Ceramics. Maybe he has gotten in touch already - it has been a couple of weeks since I spoke to him. Lots of news on the Intersculpt front, too. Look forward to hearing from you.


Paul Spence
06 June 2003, 12:07 AM
hia Artcore, (forgotton your other name..) back in blighty eh? drop me a line to and hopefully we can catch up in person. Manchester looks to be doing pretty amazing things - hope your research bid is succesfull. Any excuse I can find to visit Manchester's visualisation centre would be welcomly recieved......:¬)

look forward to catching up with you.



:beer: :scream:

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