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01 January 2006, 07:30 PM
Happy New Year 2006 to you all :)
(ok ok, I know, I'm a bit late, but still...)

New year, new questions... sorry to have to bother you again.

I've been having a difficult time lately regarding painting
and stuff like that. I've taken a look at many boards, trying
to find inspiration, trying to find...something, trying to lift
the "painting blockade".
I don't want to start rambling again about the gaping differences
that one sees between the professional people on the one side
and mere "scribblers" like me on the other side.
Blablabla - yaddayadda. On with the question...

I was impressed by the impasto-like or maybe sometimes
just gritty style some artists show in their works.

A few examples:

Jean-Francois Bruckner

J.F. Brucker (
-> Are all those "brush strokes" in the background for real?
Something such as Painter's "Artist's Oils" or only a lot of custom brushes and grime layers?
Nonetheless: stunningly brilliant works...


Sparth 1 (
-> Did he glace over the whole image with some sort of brush on
some sort of lighten/screen/whatever layer? It's not typical photoshop
style - not as clean, smooth, perfect gradients.

Sparth 2 (
-> Same goes for this painting. Seems so... non-digital.

Sparth 3 (
->In some areas you really can see the individual strokes, fine lines
criss-crossing each other. Just another custom brush?

It's not that I want to completely adapt those styles, that I want
to copy the artist, but everyone knows that we are all influenced
by the things we like. The way some artists paint their pictures, it's
just mind-bogglingly beautiful and one wants to grab only a small portion
of it and maybe refine one's style.

Perhaps someone knows how it's done. Maybe someone's going to tell me
that, if they explain every step of how they paint, it would take away
the personal touch or magic or whatever.

It just that lately I look at my stuff, I practice as much as I can
find free time, but still I only see this relatively neat PS style.
Sooo... if anyone can give me some hints, tell me about some good tutorial
I've missed stumbling upon, I would really appreciate it.

And strangely, after all those years reading this board, I'm still
somehow reluctant about posting my questions out of fear of sounding
like a total newby - not that this is bad, but one has his pride ;)

So far: cheers.

01 January 2006, 09:01 PM
yeah i dig those styles too, its all painting, brushes, some texture here and there I think, but mostly, brushes with dynamics, and opacities.

did you see these, might help a little:

the last one, might be of particluar interest:
#4 process - basic explanation

I think alp and spath will be having dvds out sometime, both have said they would, hopefully soon, as its been awhile.

01 January 2006, 09:51 PM
Honestly - I looked at so much stuff, saved so many inspirational pictures,
read thread after thread, but I overlooked that entirely on Sparth homepage.

Interesting technique, using external textures to paint. Nice one :)

The part with the color overlay for example I didn't try - I worked in
an almost zero-layer way until a few weeks back. Some time ago in Painter 6
one would just glace over everything with a translucent watercolor brush, but
I didn't try a color layer in PS. Only opague color. No layers. Should have tried that earlier...
it's the easy stuff one does not think of :banghead:

Problem is that I used Painter exclusively for a long time and only recently started
using Photoshop for digital painting. Does need some getting used to. And it makes
everything even more difficult if you use this software only in your spare time and
don't work in the industry. But you know how it is. Thanks again :)

01 January 2006, 12:00 AM
I hear ya, well welcome to PS. Its all I really know. gotta say love painter brushes, but the PS features might real get you psyched. blending modes, masks, channels, layers/ layer folders.

just messing with a artrage texture, popped in PS in a second layer w/ blending mode, over
something I did in the past. instant painting. :)

I specially love layers that act as levels controls, color correction, curves...anyweay...good stuff.

good luck. I just had a go at the sparths technique, awesome in a separate layer and blending mode.

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01 January 2006, 12:00 AM
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