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12 December 2005, 07:21 AM
Hi all

Can painter open two instances of the same document? I have just found out about this feature in PS, and was wondering if it was also offered in Painter (v9).

I have made a preliminary search and not yet found such a feature.

Any advice would be helpful.



12 December 2005, 08:19 AM

No, there's no way to open a second full size, dynamic view of your image.

In Painter 8 and Painter IX, there are three ways to take a quick look at your whole painting while you're still zoomed in to work on details:

1. In the lower left corner of the image window, click the Navigator icon (looks like binoculars). A small window will pop up displaying the entire image. There will be a red rectangle indicating the area of the image that's currently displayed in your image window. Click and drag that red rectangle around in the small overview to navigate to another area of the image. You'll see that the new area of the image is now displayed in your image window. To close the small overview, click somewhere in the image window.

2. Open the Info palette and you'll see a smaller overview of the entire image that's updated dynamically as you paint or make other changes to the image. (Window > Show Info).

3. If you're using Painter 8 and have the Painter 8.1 patch installed, or you're using Painter IX, you have Custom Palettes and you can create a new Custom Palette containing four menu command buttons:

File > Clone (this makes an exact flattened copy of your image and displays it in a window sized to fit on your Painter screen without covering everything else, which may mean the image will be zoomed out).
Window > Screen Mode Toggle (the first click on this button enlarges the image window to fill your Painter screen; the second click returns the image window to the original size).
Window > Zoom to Fit (this enlarges the image to fill the image window or reduces the image to fit inside the image window).
File > Close (closes the Clone image).
Then you can click each menu command button to quickly open a Clone of your painting, enlarge the Clone image window, Zoom to Fit (enlarge the Clone to fill the enlarged image window), then Close the Clone.

If at any time while the Clone is still open you want to see the image at 100% zoom, click the Magnifier tool (or the M key), go to the Property Bar, and click the Actual Pixels button. Unfortunately, that one can't be placed in your Custom Palette as far as I can tell.

Corel Painter IX screen prints are 2004 Corel Corporation, reprinted by permission.
Corel Painter 8 screen prints are 2003 Corel Corporation, reprinted by permission.

Happy New Year, 2006!


12 December 2005, 06:35 PM
Jin - Thanks for the detailed response - much appreciated. :)


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