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12 December 2005, 04:43 PM
howdy, i thought id start working on a character this week just to keep what ive learnt so far. im still a student so any kind of critique would be great

it took me about 5 hours to get to this point and i was about to start unwrapping, but i thought it would be a good idea to get outside input before i got busy.

heres the front and back shot (tell me if the images dont work)
its 3346 triangles, and theres a lot in the head because hes got a pretty heavy beard.

this is a shot of his head without the hair planes
i could probably lose a loop or two around the mouth

here's a side shot of the whole body, and i just realised his neck is pretty thick for a skinny guy

ill keep updating as i go along

12 December 2005, 05:45 PM
It would be helpful to see what reference your working from.

Heres my crits,but bear in mind im no expert....

He seems to have alot of hair on the back of his head to say he's bald.

He shorts seem to be exaggerated in width, they look too baggy

I googled an image for you
seems to be on the lines of what your doing.

The bag makes him look like a tourist? having it on the front gives your a character a good characteristic (that hes weak and defenceless of theives), which is good.

Anyway great start and keep them coming

12 December 2005, 10:14 AM
mayanoob: thanks for the input:D im not actually working off concept art, but i have an image in mind for what i want it to look like. the only reference im using is a character template to get the proportions right

heres a quick update, i removed the hair and accessories just for the screen capture.
the shorts were definately too baggy around the hips so i pushed them in a bit.

apart from that i just did little bits of tweaking to the topology and proportions. i mainly worked on the shoulder and tried to get the mesh to flow better. the poly count is also lower over all

12 December 2005, 10:10 AM
im going at it pretty slowly, just finished texturing the accessories about 2 days ago.
on the left is a viewport screencap, on the right is a render with no lights. the texture is self illuminated so the only difference is the texture filter and the opacity map.

im painting it by hand and using photo reference. im basically going for the idea that he's a well travelled character, perhaps a photographer. i may even model an assistant to carry some of his load.

any crits?

12 December 2005, 02:56 AM
wow, that's looking great so far, good work takes time, I'd like to see this one finished for sure

12 December 2005, 07:34 AM
Looks really good so far. :)

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12 December 2005, 07:34 AM
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