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12 December 2005, 10:47 AM
Hi Guys,

I am wondering if anyone knows of any training, more so books, about Photoshop skin and portrait retouching? I have bought an excellent book called Photoshop retouching and restoration (2nd edition) - 3rd not any better?

I am looking more for a book on just portrait and skin repair. It doesn't have to be a book actually, just easier to order in a book than buy something form the net. If anyone has any suggestions or links of skin repairing or retouching please yell out!



12 December 2005, 10:55 AM
The book "Photoshop Cs: the Art of Photographing Women"by K Ames has a lot of stuff on retouching skin.

Also a few tutorials here:

12 December 2005, 07:28 PM
Thankyou for the reply frog. I will look into that today.



12 December 2005, 09:41 PM
You might try mine, they have been quite succesful:

12 December 2005, 08:22 AM
Not meant as a training tool (actually, it's anti-retouching), but does show a really good example of how they do it.

12 December 2005, 08:19 AM
BlueFlare, those tuts are great! Thanks!

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12 December 2005, 08:19 AM
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