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12 December 2005, 05:46 PM
our facility here use syflex for maya 7.the workflow here is as follow
we model the clothes at first and unwrap the uv,and the clothes is smooth bound to the skeletion and carefully skin weighted ,then we separate the cloth portion of the clothes using the Extract command from the edit polygon menu,and we 1st smooth the mesh using subdivision level 1 or 2 ,and then make it a cloth and do our simulation,the cloth is pinned to the major part of the clothes,and after the simulation we bake the simulation into blendshape morph using a script from highend3d (bakeCloth or bakesoft),at last we smooth the major clothes using the same subdivision level ,and then we combine the baked mesh with the static portion clothes and merge the vertices one by one by hand,then we sent the scene to the render team.

so here the question is: is this the right way to do cloth simulation in maya?at first i 'm suspicious about the mesh split portion,but it seems work all right.the uv is retained and texture can be applied flawlessly but the most problem is we have skinned the clothes so it has skincluster weight history on the mesh and we seperate it so i have a polysperate history node layered,then the smooth operation brings the polysmoothface node,and with all these node layered up,are they going to bog down my simulation?i tried to delete history but someone told me that i can't,because skinning is acturally history too.and i tried the delete non-deformer history.but the script editor spit out a warning message complaining that it can't do that.

the simulation process is painful and tedious,i usually pay many hour waiting for the result but the sim is not always pleased.and i have to sim again.i'm just wondering whether the big studios like Weta or DD have some mysterious tools or do they dispatch the sim job to a sim farm like realflow or the have some inhouse sim dispatcher tools.

before touching the syflex cloth simulator i thought i just convert some mesh into cloth and click sim and voila it's done,now it seems not as easy as i thought.

and another question i met with is that the file i got from anim team.the char anim jumps in the process from the T-pose to the beginning of the anim,and the animator told me that it's because of the IK/FK switch,since i'm not a animator myself so i really don't know exactly how to solve this but i think it should be fixed or blended smoothly because the cloth will penetrate the body if the body "flicks",and i learn the experience from another thread,that is,scale ur animation curves 2 or 3 times if the char is really moving fast and do the cloth sim,after the sim,bake it ,and i can modify the blendshape keyframe easily (i can scale down the motion of the cloth).

any savvy can help me out or clarify the myth behind the cloth sim?
i find rarely any tutorial about syflex except for the docs of syflex,but u know,the docs are mostly instruction about commands and explanations,but i need real production suggestions ,so anyone kind enough to share his ingenious thougts?

12 December 2005, 07:47 AM
i remembered there was a thread discussing how to avoid interpenetration during cloth simulation,some guy from weta suggests scale all of the animation keys say 10 times slower,and then simulate the cloth, and then scale up the animation 10 times faster ,and then bake the cloth sim into blendshape using bakeSoft.mel.

but is this not a very unefficient way ? by baking all of the vertex movement information into the scene file ,the file size boost dramatically.

is there a way to speed up or speed down the cache playback speed in syflex. The syflex developer suggest that inserting a multiplyDivide node right between the time1 node and the syCloth node , I tried it but it seems not working for me.

any ideas about accelerating the cache playback ?
i really don't wanna bake all the animation into my scene file , my cloth mesh is kind of too dense to bake, also my animation duration is about 1300 frame , the bakeSoft script really bogged down my computer ( 1.3 gig ram ), since what it is doing is actually dupliate the cloth mesh at each frame and create a blendshape from all of the duplicated mesh...

so any ideas about this?

12 December 2005, 07:47 AM
anyone ? where r the master guys at WETA?

02 February 2006, 04:07 PM
I am also interested in a discussion here.

02 February 2006, 12:56 AM
it would matter if you scale your animation longer. The animation of the cloth will still remain the same. Your pipeline is good. Just when you have the character at his pose, if you are using a skinning approach to avoid the T-pose. Duplicate the mesh and delete its history and through the hypergraph as well.

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02 February 2006, 12:56 AM
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