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12 December 2005, 09:35 AM

wegg asked me to post this, and wegg's word is king. We composited a CG bird into live action footage for a tv show intro. these are only the shots that contain the bird, the actual intro is a few shots longer.
all rigging and animation was done in messiah, then we used PO to bring the displacement data into LW for rendering.

PS: the birdhouse is real (a lot of people think it's's not!)

12 December 2005, 09:41 AM
That is very very good! Very realistic bird movements! How did you render the feathers? They look great!

12 December 2005, 09:48 AM
Wow! Good work :thumbsup:

/ Svante

12 December 2005, 05:10 PM
Very nice!
I especially like the bird's movements. Well done.

12 December 2005, 05:13 PM
Yea. . . very slick. Thank you very much for sharing Robken.

12 December 2005, 07:10 PM
yeah. the birdhouse is totally photoshopped though...

hehe jk. Great stuff.

12 December 2005, 10:44 AM
thanks for the kind words everyone...

to answer Dmaks question. (partially)
the feathers are a combination of
A: a lot of single polygon planes
B: motion blur to get a softhening look.

I can't go in on the motion blur technique since it's something that was developed inhouse, but it's basically the same thing like we did on the rabbit for this spot.

12 December 2005, 02:53 PM
Im digging the rabbit animation very much. the lighting/texturing is incredible. One weak spot that both me and my colleague noticed is the fall of the rabbit. when he bounces it looks very unnatural in an otherwise flawless piece and sticks out like a sore thumb.

12 December 2005, 03:48 PM
we know.... we know....

but believe it or not....the clients wanted it to be like that, our version actually had the rabbit all bruised and beaten when it falls....but they wanted it to pop right back up...looks like crap.. we know :p

12 December 2005, 11:33 PM
lol gotta love clients with poor artistic vision eh?

great work though.

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12 December 2005, 11:33 PM
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