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12 December 2005, 05:34 PM
To make profiles for baseboard or cove moldings in c4d use the magnet tool on a plane object. Load a plane object into your scene. Set your width to 4", height to 40", width segments to 1, height segments to 40. After this make your object editable. Go into top view, then go into points mode and selectall vertices on the right. Click on your magnet tool, set radius to 10, select bell mode , grab top point and move to your left so the top of the baseboard is 1 grid width thick. Next select needle mode and go to the 13th vertice from the top. Move this to the left 2 grid spaces. Next use loop selection to chose all the outside edges and go to structure, edit spline,edge to spline. Voila, you now have a baseboard profile. This profile can later be scaled down to the correct size or make it the correct size from the start. My 1st method for adding baseboard or covemoldigns to a room is as follows. Add a rectangle spline to your scene. Using your object axis tool, move your object axis to the backface of your basebaord proflle. Now with your snaps on move your baseboard profile to one corner of your rectangular spline. Next hold down your control key and make a copy of your basebaord profile by dragging a copy below your 1st copy.. Snap this copy to the next corner of your rectangular spline. Do the same thing for the next 2 corners of your rectangle spline. Make sure you do this consecutively in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th corners of your rectangular spline. Next turn each of these 4 baseboard splines to a 45 degree angle facing the centre of your rectangular spline. Next add a loft nurbs object to your object manager. After this make your 4 baseboard spline objects children of your loft nurbs object. Be sure to keep these in the order that you made the baseboard spline profiles. You should now have baseboard following your rectangular spline. 2nd method. On a rectangular room the same thing can be accompished using an add sweep nurbs object by having your baseboard profile slightly straddle your rectangular spline perpendicular to one side of that rectangular spline.Move your object axis slightly inside the back of your baseboard spline object so that when it snaps to the rectangular spline it slightly straddles this spline. Make your rectangular spline and baseboard spline profile children of your add sweep nurbs object. You now have baseboard following the rectangular spline object. The first method I mention using the loft nurbs object comes in handy when you have alcoves in your walls. In these cases place your baseboard spline objects at 45 degrees to a 90 degree corner or turn. If you have a 45 degree turn place your baseboard spline object at 22 1/2 degees. When booleaning out your doorways in order to cut through both the wall and the baseboard you need to group the wall with the baseboard by pacing them under a null object.

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12 December 2005, 05:34 PM
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