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12 December 2005, 09:26 PM
Hi everyone,

I am an amateur. At the same time I am an enthusiast and after testing PainterIX for 30 days I really fell for this software.

When browsing ebay I came across something I would describe as a bulk version of PainterIX. The auctions usually end at about 90-100 EURO which is at least 190 EUR below the normal priced boxed version.

As far as I can see these items differ from the high-priced ones in so far as there is no printed manual, and no box in the first place.

- PainterIX on CD, not registered, serial no.
- 2 tutorial CDs

I think the manual is included as a PDF...

My questions:

- No commercial work allowed with this version (which is easy for me to do as my work sucks big time and is sure to do so for another five years or so:scream:

But am I allowed to just show my paintings in public, then? Like here on cgtalk? Where's the border? I run a website for my work as an author which I earn money with (with the texts). If I posted personal work on my weblog there, as a diary entry, is that commercial, because my website can be regarded as commercial?

- Anything odd/questionable about this version?

- when PainterX comes: are these versions upgradable?

- Can I/may I get hold of the manual in PDF somewhere else in case it's not included?

- Apart from the printed manual: is there anything included in the boxed version I would really be missing?

I hope I haven't overlooked any information which could have made this thread obsolete.

Thanks for reading this!

12 December 2005, 11:22 PM
When browsing ebay I came across something I would describe as a bulk version of PainterIX. The auctions usually end at about 90-100 EURO which is at least 190 EUR below the normal priced boxed version.

I bought my copy of Painter during their summer sale. I paid $239 canadian (175 euro).

The current student price is about $90 US (76 euro). Take a class at a school that will allow you to buy the student version.

12 December 2005, 12:03 AM
You would still be in the same predicament by getting a student's Painter license since that also cannot be used for commercial purpose.

12 December 2005, 12:20 AM
Ok - first of all thanks for the answers. I did not think of searching with the term OEM software, as it did not say OEM software in the product description (

Let's ignore the commercial thingy for a moment, as it complicates matters and is really very hypothetical considering the amateur doing-it-just-for-fun approach of mine.

Do I get this right:

- No box = Piracy

So, if I understand this correctly, there are no legitimate non-boxed versions of PainterIX available for that price?
That is, there is a student version at that price (somewhere around 100), but it comes with a box?

There is another website which does offer a student version, but they ask for a certificate of matriculation. If this offer comes with a box: does that mean it is probably no pirate software?

Really, if going for the low-priced version automatically means 100% Piracy guarantee I am no longer interested in the deal - just so you get me right.
If, on the other hand, there are chances to get legal versions of this software with restrictions as to using it commercially this would be great for me, as I am by no way a rich man.

What is confusing me is the clash of the two statements:
"Piracy software, of course... what did you think?"

as opposed to

"Get the student version - it's just 100"

How do I know which is which?

Thanks for helping me out on this matter....

12 December 2005, 02:57 AM
Per a recent conversation with someone at Corel, it's my understanding that OEM software should only be sold with hardware, not as a separate purchase.

The safest way to buy Painter IX is from Corel or from a well known and respectable company like Wacom or, for a limited time while they're offering their Mystical Painter Bundle, from Auto FX Software.

Corel is currently selling the Educational version of Painter IX with "The Art of Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith for:

$99 U.S.
$129 CAD (Canadian)

Corel Painter IX - Educational Version (

Corel's "The Perfect Partner Bundle" includes the full, boxed version of Painter IX plus your choice of several Wacom tablet models. The bundles range in price beginning at the lowest bundle price for Painter IX plus a Wacom Graphire4 - 4 x 5 inch tablet:

$299 U.S
$398 CAD

The Perfect Partner Bundle (

Auto FX Software is selling the Mystical Painter Bundle that includes the full, boxed version of Painter IX, Training CD for Painter IX, Auto FX Mystical Lighting, and Training CD for Mystical for:

$199 U.S.

Auto FX Software - Mystical Painter Bundle (

The full boxed version of Painter IX comes with the Painter IX Handbook that includes some history of Painter and a number of tutorials by Painter Masters. The hard copy User Guide does not come with the full boxed version of Painter IX but it can be purchased separately for something like $49 U.S.

The Educational version of Painter IX does not come with the Painter IX Handbook or the hard copy User Guide but both can be purchased separately, the Handbook for something like $25 U.S.

With both the Educational and full boxed versions of Painter IX, though you should have the User Guide in HTML format accessible from within Painter IX via Help > Help Topics, the User Guide is also available to download in PDF format from the Corel FTP server.

Before making your purchase, confirm the above information directly with Corel Customer Service.

Their contact numbers are available on the Corel site at:

Corel Contact Numbers - U.S. and International (

12 December 2005, 08:38 AM
Thanks a lot!

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