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12 December 2005, 08:03 PM
i have to question, i was trying to find a expresion that let me set up the speed of an angle,
3000 revolution per sec or hours in the pich

and the name of the expresion for a weel to turn with the floor, i know that in LW are some plugins special for this, so you dont need to be calulating the radio of the weel etc....
(one is from worley i think and the other was free on

12 December 2005, 09:00 AM
Creating an expression for a revoluting object is very straightforward.

If you want to have an object constantly spin with 3000 revolutions per second, use the expression
and assign it to e.g. the pitch channel.
An explanation:
- 3000 is the number of revolutions per second
- multiply this value with the DTOR constant to get the angle in radians
- NOW is a built-in expression that returns the number of the current frame
- FPS is abuilt-in expression that return the current frames per second.

If you want to make the object rotate depending on the path that it has traveled, use the 'PathSoFar' expression, e.g.
PathSoFar(YourObject,NOW) / DiameterOfYourObject
and assign it to a channel.

If you want to create more complex things, e.g. a tank tread, check pout the 'ODist' at .

12 December 2005, 07:09 PM
thanks, Suricate

how can i change te revolution, to seconds? insted fps use sec? (i cant check right now, i dont have messiah in this computer)

whats DTOR? exactly? and why do i use radians? can it use angles up to 360?

thanks again =)

12 December 2005, 12:20 PM
Hi Demain,

a few more notes on the expression:
- all trigonometric math functions use radians, that's a mathematical standard
- 180 degrees corresponds to PI = 3.1415926535898..., 360 degrees corresponds to 2 * PI = 6.2831853071796... and so on
- DTOR = 0.0174532925199 ... is just a linear factor to convert between radians and degree, e.g. 360 * DTOR = 360 * 0.0174532925199 = 6.2831853071796 = 2 * PI; similarly you can treat degrees larger than 360 or smaller than 0.
- for the other conversion, use the RTOD constant, which is 57.2957795130823 ... , e.g. 3.1415926535898 * RTOD = 3.1415926535898 * 57.2957795130823 = 180
- NOW is the number of the current frame as a floating point number, while FPS is the number of frames per seconds, also as a floating point number (e.g. 24.0 or 25.0 or 30.0)
- so if you want to create a constant revolution per second, you have to divide the current frame number by the current fps, which gives the expression NOW / FPS.

BTW, now I am noting that in my first example I gave the wrong expression. To get 3000 revolutions per second, the expression should be:
(3000*360*DTOR*NOW) / FPS

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