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12 December 2005, 09:50 PM
I'm a first quarter student at Clover Park Technical College in 3D Animation. Though I have about 12 years of prior experience in 3D programs other than 3D Studio Max I am new to Max, and haven't really focused on low polly before. As you can tell I'm a bit old school about polly count and aimed in all cases to keep things as low as practical without completely ruining the look.

I'm using the low polly game model for level assignment to work on a standing project to completely design the interior of a ship from a story that I am writing in collaboration with some one else. As part of the assignment we have been asked to post our models here for review, as such:

Samantha's Desk (

The design is fairly eccentric, I was aiming for a fusion of classic, modern, and futuristic without slipping into anything Star Trekish. The primary focus in the project so far has been on the quarters of the woman who owns the ship, who comes from a rich family but has broken ties with her relatives and done quite well for her self on her own. The actual wood texture could probably use future tweaking, the idea was that Samantha has learned an appreciation for real hardwood as one of the finer things in life, and in space, even 800 years from now, it's harder to come by than other alternatives--as such I should probably take the time make it look more like real wood.

The Plant (

Hundreds of years of genetic engineering has made for some interesting flora, I was aiming for something exotic but subtle. The pot(s) I figure she probably picked up on some undisclosed planet or another (as Samantha is a trader) hence the odd symbols.

The Book Shelf (

This one was a rather simple model, very nice and low polly too. If only you could read the text on some of the book covers, but perhaps it's better that you can't. The story it's self is full of little inside jokes, and this is even more so.

The 'Coffee' Table (

This started out as a coffee table but became something else I'm not sure what exactly but it's still a table obviously. I am quite proud of the wood texture on the table surfaces which was made from scratch in Photoshop. Maintaining the roundness of the table tops did drive this model up quite a bit over the rest, but it's worth it I'd say. The only things I could think to do here for efficiency would be to remove the bottom surfaces on the upper table, but given it's height they could be seen as missing if one ducked down. The lower table surface did have it's bottom removed however.

Meshes with Triangulation (

This shows the actual triangulation of the meshes other than the book shelf which I already had showing.

Ok those should work now, some idiot told me to link directly, then I made the mistake of pasting the correct link over the existing one, which just hid a bad link under a good one... Eventually I'll get some of layout work and combined furnishings up here, but this will do for now.

12 December 2005, 11:12 AM
Forbidden You don't have permission to access the page at Please consult our help library if you need any assistance. i cant open any of the images ?!

12 December 2005, 02:34 PM
Same here.
Those are weird URLs for Deviant art. Where did you get them?
Try linking just to the deviation page,
eg. (example only)

12 December 2005, 03:09 PM
regarding your nick, I've gone to ( and found the images you wanted to show in your scraps gallery
they look all ok

you can't directlink from deviantart

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