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12 December 2005, 05:54 PM
[Further portfolio work on 2nd page, enjoy your stay and read :rolleyes:]
Hi all, first time posting cg 4 a while, followed it for time but always been working, no time. Now I have, so im absorbing the creative flows and trying to get as much illustration and 3d work done as possible in-between going out which kills me the next day. I would ideally like to be a concept artist or games designer, [hell I’ll be a 3d modeller to get into the team]. Just finished testing Perfect Dark Zero for Rareware which was f*ckin sweet! So now im learning, drawing and living towards my goal and ambition.

Used it for years but this is my first renderin with paint tools in Photoshop [in process of gettin a graphics tab], anatomy looks near enough along with the layout of the hover scooter, love the plasma coils coming from the front mounted generator. Its for a game im working on to go into my portfolio. would appreciate any crits and what I would really love it if someone is interested is to render my sketch in their style to see professional differences. So hopefully should be posting often and on here quite abit,

Rendering Link [Rendering trial and error 3 hours] [FULL RES] UNDER 0.3MB

Sketch link [40 minutes drawing time] [FULL RES] UNDER 0.3MB

thanks in advance.

12 December 2005, 07:17 PM
Gonna try and start this in 3d, trying to learn Maya and get some more detail into it. See quite a few have viewed this post would really appreciate any crits or advice, my first Renderin ive entered,

cheers all

12 December 2005, 07:30 PM
Is she a muppet? Looks like Janice from the Electric Mayhem meets the bride. Difficult concept to judge at this point, just seems to underdeveloped. One thing, how does she stay on it? seems that only her hands are holding some controls as though it would fly out from under her. Is there a seat or something? Try drawing some orthos (front, side, back views of the vehicle and character a seperate entities) to further develop your concept.

Also, avoid complaining about no replies (especially in the 2 hour mark). I've had a thread here for a month that has around 600 views and 2 replies. ;)

12 December 2005, 07:49 PM
GradiusCancer, Glad teaching isn’t in your resume as your first comments are as helpful a pair of breasts on a nun. It is underdeveloped guess this is why I put it in the WIP section, There’s 3 padded bars and supports on the lower back, upperback and lower legs. Thanks for the advice on the Ortho’s, will do. Complaining? how about you chill before slamnin a newbie for simply announcing that ANY crits or advice is totally welcome, sorry I was being courteous. Really thought a man of your gaming industry experience would of held a more professional attitude towards upcoming artists and designers and meet them with advice and not lame ass remarks!

Will get some 3d and ortho sketchs up with the next week, to explain this WIP. thanks


12 December 2005, 08:01 PM
Taking legitimate criticism is something you'll have to learn if you want to post here. Don't fly off the handle so much, I was only trying to help. I offered you solid advice, and asked an honest question about your piece. Also, Veteran is a title the forum automatically gives after being here a while.

12 December 2005, 08:12 PM
Chris, criticism is welcomed normally best served without a side helping of smartarse remarks first thats all bruv. Like some of your level designs, have you got any showable sketchs of recent work i could see? As for flying off??? you've lost me! if I scared you with those mild guestures of retaliation its probably just your lack of understanding of humour.


12 December 2005, 08:21 PM
I stand by GradiusCancer on this one, concepts usually have multiple views to better demonstrate the object/character and when you post on here you should expect criticism. Even if you don't find it constructive, don't get all touchy. If you disagree with it, either post your reasons or move on and continue working. :shrug: This is a forum.

That being said, on to some critiques. First of all, the character. The face does not make this character very appealing. This does not look like a character I would want to control, for this type of design (ie futuristic character) there is a ton of artwork by other artists on this site and abroad that you might want to look at. Not to directly copy, mind you, though that might help out too just to get started. If you are having trouble making your character look right, maybe go with a helmet that covers the face, then focus on making the helmet look cool.

The vehicle has some sort of strange blue smoke venting from the front of the vehicle, if this is exhaust you should place the vents in an area where the smoke will not end up in the pilots face. There is no apparent steering mechanism to show how it flies or changes direction. The logos could use some serious work. Try drawing them flat first and coming up with something interesting before trying to apply it to the side of the thing.

I want to be fair, but this seems completely rushed and of lower grade quality, and all around needs some serious work. There's nothing better than to look at the work of other artists and find inspiration there. Personally I find the mechanical designs of Masamune Shirow to be some of the best around, google up some Appleseed or Ghost in the Shell stuff and take a look. :curious:

12 December 2005, 08:30 PM
Hello prior,
I am always glad to see new work being posted on these forums, and your is no exception. Your concert art is an great start, and I cant wait to see how your model progresses. I am however sadden by your response to Chris. His post was not degrading to you or your work, and was just a simple critique; something which I may add is rare around here. Your thread can easily get hundreds of views with just an handful of responses, and when you start degrading the few people who do respond, your setting yourself up to not receive any responses from the majority of the members here. After all, why would some one want to respond if your just going to criticize them for it?

Sorry for contributing to this thread going off topic. Lets try to get back to the model, and prior…Please stop criticizing the critiques.
-Daren Loney

12 December 2005, 08:41 PM
I'm not sure what I said was smartassed. Based on the size of her eyes, other structural features and color palette, she is presenting is a cartoonish fashion. Upon initial inspection, I felt she looked like Janice from the muppet show so I inquired if that was your direction. Now that I've clarified for you, what direction, style or look do you mean for her? By explainnig your goals further, people can give your more properly oriented advice

12 December 2005, 09:10 PM
Eazy now..

crit·i·cism ( P ) Pronunciation Key ( (kr t -s z m)

The practice of analyzing, classifying, or evaluating literary or other artistic works.

The very meaning of the word bestows judgment along with responsibility for the participant to pass "constructive" critisicm, surely derogatory remarks before passin any helpful criticism to a newbie is useless to the meaning of "constructive". the same as social etiquette. [common sense costs nothing]

jfalconer I wans't aware the Yellow and Blue plasma trails, would resemble smoke to some?:rolleyes: interstin comment will look into it. As for your other comments ta, need more time. Gosh i stupidly thought this was WIP noway near a final renderin dude! lol, will let you know when its done mate!!

The girls eyes did come out abit exaggerated, but what do u expect been payed to play with Joanna Dark for the past 3 months and i like the hint of anime in the rareware's design ethos.
Im still learnin dudes! everyone is,

anyway sweet got 8 responces in 3 hours cheers for that GradiusCancer ( . Right ive got a house party to go to, some girls do!? :D take it eazy lads cheers for all your comments, much appreciated, really is[diggin everyones work aswell]. I just wanna get into the industry and give back to it all the fun hours it gave me and mates back to the day. take it eazy boys

Jon Jones
12 December 2005, 09:38 PM
Wow, Prior, you have one of the worst attitudes I've ever seen. I was going to offer some comments on your work, but if you'll only attack the people trying to help you, you don't deserve the attention.

12 December 2005, 09:53 PM
Jon Jones ( WOW, one of the worst attitudes you have ever seen in your life!! that must be really sheltered for you. Im jokin dude!! :wise: ok eazy. Seen your site and you seem to have an interesting read and seems you involve yourself over a number of subject matters concerning the industry, cool. Sorry i think its just a clash in countries humour, The U.S really doesnt get british humour sometimes, im sorry lads!! For instance they cut loads from english comedies and transform whole plays to "fit" american humour such as the william shakespear classic " taming of the shrew" which was diabolical!! or the tragic death of " The office" comedy series to american screens. Although I hope to eventually move to america and would like to "Attempt" to rival such names as Ryan Church or the f*ckin awesome Syd Mead. Anyway i really gotta Roll to this party my mates are waitin and this little cute lady called Amy.

p.s i would appreciate and respect your comments on my work geez:D

Peace out

12 December 2005, 11:20 PM
Ha... this thread is pretty funny.

About the concept:

From what I can see in the drawing the basic concept is okay, but the drawing of it is awful (wrong perspective, deformed proportions, little detail, poor lighting/hard to read forms)

My suggestion is that if you don't want people to compare your character to a muppet, draw a character that doesn't look like one.

If you would like to get into the game industry with this art you need a serious reality check. A completely different attitude wouldn't hurt either.

P.S. talking down to well respected people who have real skills is only going to hurt you if you really are serious about working in this very small industry.

12 December 2005, 12:24 AM
I highly recomending putting this project on hold for a few months. It seems like your new to 3d applications and your drawing skills need some improvement. My advice would be over the next few months start some simple things in maya. Easy house hold objects. Cups, shoe box, etc. Keep it low poly. When you get the controls down of modeling move on to UV mapping.

While doing this carry a sketch pad with you every where you go. Just put it in your school bag with with a good novel and maybe a game boy. Everytime your waiting for anything draw the people you see around you. There was some good posts about gesture drawing on this forum a few months ago. Look into that. If your enrolled in a university take their basic drawing or painting class.

After you've toned up your drawing skill I would start with the more complex things in Maya. A character and vehicle is quite a task as someone's first model.

Hellboy also started up a weekly game art mini challenge. You could give that a shot, however even that may be a lot of work for someone just begining. My entries took me the whole damn week!

I would also say try to lighten up a bit. Some people like to joke around and tease a bit but it is all in good fun. Seldom does someone begin posting here with bad intentions. If you want to pursue a career as an artist your going to hear things A LOT worse than what Gradius Cancer said.

12 December 2005, 01:44 AM
okay, "sarcasm" quit it alreadym, you won't get rich from it......... focus on the task ahead.

my take is......... I think you have to spell a few of the game will be. Will it be a flying game ? an FPS ? a 3rdPS ?

About female character with a headset........ there's something wacky there, BUT IN A GOOD WAY, choose stalhberg character for example, chick in a motor cycle. If you make that into a game, the flying part could still be a fun, but looking at a head (hairball) is kinda depressing through half a game.

also....... where's the seat ? she's gonna literally "attached" to it ? Invest some on headlights, the game will be nice if there's a strong headlight to the front like a racing game.

ok that's from me.


12 December 2005, 03:12 PM
Hey PRIOR...

Ya gotta learn to chill a bit....remember why ya posting here...whether it's CGTalk or somewhere that you have gotta be able to accept the critiques and learn from's 1 sure shot way ya gonna improve especially critiques coming from industry experienced artists...tbh I did not find GradiusCancer's critique at all offensive (seemed more like commenting on artistic direction to me) and tbh...ya don't wanna start getting replies like Jon Jones's often..otherwise you WILL miss out on some very valuable advice and critique that WILL help ya improve...ya new here which is very cool and hope ya stick around so we can all see ya improvments :wip: ...but seriously man...less of the retaliation and more of the enthusiasm cos' really ya attitude should be more like a sponge soaking up all the info and knowledge to help ya improve....:)...just chill...

12 December 2005, 03:42 PM
I'd say the first thing is, Its too early to create a portfolio for you. I mean if you want to be a concept artist, If I were you I'd take a few years of practicing ! DOnt think about Folio or job now dude. Relax and sketch/paint as much as you can. Post often, Dont go berserk when u get critic, since I dont think ur at that stage where u can avoid certain critic. Just take them in, and Practice .. is all.

Cause seriously, what is that? i mean I dont get it!!

So, draw draw draw, look look look, post post post. and we'll see.


Character Artist.

12 December 2005, 02:15 PM
Haha, this thread is hilarious, certainly made me laugh.

I aggree with all the posts tho mate, if your serious about joining the games industry it is paramount that you develop your professionalism. Sinse you are clearly new to photoshop and have no 3d experience, you should really be taking on board all the advice given by those who you aspire to be :) Not having a go dude, but you cannot expect to receive glowing reports from your first sketch. Its only by learning where your going wrong, that you improve, and as well as being self critical, you need others to be able to tell you. Even in the industry itself, you will constantly be asked to improve things, change things, or start from scratch, regardless of whether you have spent an hour on the task or a month. If you gave a cheeky, 'know-it-all' reply to a senior at a company, you would be out that door. Its called 'starting at the bottom', and the sooner you learn your weaknesses, you can improve and work up....sorry im prob waffling now.

As for crit on the drawing, the idea itself is nice and has potential, but I think you need to work on your abilities to communicate your idea on paper. Any 3d portfolio is boosted by some nice, finished concept art, so I think you should try and master your drawing abilities, and indeed photoshop. Look at other artists for inspiration. Nothing looks much better than a nice concept accompanied by a true to concept 3d shows progression of an idea from conception to finished article and companies like that.

Hope the party rocked man, but i think you should talk about that on yahoo chat or somethin and not here eh! :D

12 December 2005, 08:09 PM
b1ll ( :
Im in the process of creating concepts of characters and vehicles although im also trying to generate game ideas in which they would exist to make them relevant. Really like your poly work your [sw_pop_b] character is dark as mate! Nice proportions and work on the pilot also! Do you come up with game concept or random characters? Would mind being a character artist/concept artist or if not a modeller. planning on learning, learning and more learning untill im a gooden enough grade in the future to apply to companies. my old portfolio is below but now im branching out from Transport and Product design in to the games industry.
JuddWack :
your short animation on subconscious is quite the interesting piece, I liked it! (
Your comments held volume and sketching as much as you can is something I try to practice constantly as for a novel im half into a Iain Banks but need to manage my time. I’ve got a cool short 3d animation idea which is backed by a band in the pipeline but that’s in the future at the moment.[pic below]

Dee’s :
damn totally forgot about headlamps, thanks dude!! Nice shader testers (A.J.)

NINJas :
Glad u like the concept although the perspective was in supposed to represent a fish eye rapid view, such as you would envisage if this thing approached you at 200mph missing you by an inch of your life. You murky suggestions are taken into consideration in regards to the “reality check” and character. I did rate your drawing of your “tactical shooters” series you brought across a real individual style and presence to the pieces. To be totally honest I lost patience with the face getting frustrated painting the whole thing with a mouse it really drilled my mind. I prefer her face in the drawing than to the render, in the process of getting a graphics tablet now to solve this.
Dean :
glad u enjoyed it, thanks for your 2 cents bro, Im just undertaking the learning of Maya now as ive only mastered Alias Wavefronts Studio Tools [pics below of old work] as for Photoshop im good but never tried painting in it especially with a mouse lol. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting loads of modellers and artists at Rare and enjoyed there advice, wit and life styles[especially the fast cars, man there was a TVR, lotus esprit, lotus Elise, handfuls of merc’s and a Porsche’s] The lifestyle adventures is something I enjoy now but more money would make them better, but its being apart of an industry I f*ckin love and is what would make me happy. Dean I would love see some of your work or sketches! P.s house party did rock!!! Ez
I never stated that Gradius's comment was offensive, I just though it was crap if it was a crit or a remark and I only questioned his intentions with a few puns and he didn’t catch the humour maybe it was abit dry. To be honest though I just really wanted to gauge the integrities of artists and 3d modellers personalities on this site. Its just when I make it and newbie’s do approach me I will do everything I can to aid them constructively and I just expect the same. “You help the next generation through like how it was opened for you” seem 2 have gathered few sound pro’s on this thread. thanks all
Next time in a more laid back thread and I’ll behave. promise.

p.s Gradius no hard feeling geez! :)[1-%2017-10-05]RARE%200sr.JPG[1-%2017-10-05]RARE%20[[PAGES1]]ssr.JPG[1-%2017-10-05]RARE%202sr.JPG[1-%2017-10-05]RARE%203sr.JPG[1-%2017-10-05]RARE%204sr.JPG[1-%2017-10-05]RARE%205sr.JPG

12 December 2005, 08:34 PM
Getting a tablet is very important. I was able to cut my time on a piece from 35+ hours to 2 with the same level of quality. It makes it easy to work on a piece from start to finish in Photoshop making the workflow much less annoying. This allowed me to practice much more.

Jon Jones
12 December 2005, 08:34 PM
To be honest though I just really wanted to gauge the integrities of artists and 3d modellers personalities on this site.

So wait, you intentionally acted like an ass just to see how we'd react? Is that your idea of a "joke?" That's even more offensive than just being an ass. Thanks, I'm sure everyone appreciates that.

12 December 2005, 08:42 PM
Jon i think your perfectly aware by the effort i put into the replies and work posted my intentions on here are no one of childish joking!! I actually thought you would be the one who would spot that thanks for returning! would like your opinion on my work. told you dude next thread i'll behave! think there's a sound community in here and im still at the bottom but im workin as hard to crawl before i can run but i gotta make an entrance some how. you tellin me you've never been cheeky, was just throwing a few lines back to gradius for the reamark and it spiraled into this :surprised thread, seems most readers enjoyed it. sorry!! my bad. I hold respect very high for artists and modellers who make it into the industry!!! dead serious.

12 December 2005, 09:04 PM
Ninjas : really!! I tried painting how i would on canvas or board in photoshop and like the resluts on the wings but with a mouse I found it as easy as finding a beautiful girl with a matching personality[these things just dont come in pairs] looking at gettin a Wacom Intuos2 12 x 18 set me back upto £300 but i see it as an investiment if im serious about making it!:arteest:

thanks mate

12 December 2005, 09:40 AM
Hi prior,

unfortunatly, all of the work I have done recently has been for work here at Rare, so im not aloud to show you (sorry fella, im sure u had to fill out a confidentiality form too when u were here :) ) but ill try seeing what I have to show you for inspiration. In fact, give me a few days and ill put together a few of the really old bits i did that got me a job at rare in the first place. Im sure a lot of people would be interested.

12 December 2005, 12:28 PM
Dean that sounds great mate! Jump it on when you've got time. [yep, im sure a few of the readers would like to see that also!] EHH?

Cheers breadbin

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12 December 2005, 12:28 PM
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