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12 December 2005, 01:05 AM
First, DFXPlus 5 is now shipping. You can get details from eyeon website.

Second, Fusion 5.01 is now available for download from eyeon website. This patch
addresses several stability improvements and enhancements to Fusion 5.0.
Please read the release notes for a complete list of changes.'

In addition to the myriad of stability and bug fixes, Fusion 5.01 also adds
the following features and improvements.


Fusion now loads 32bit float PSDs from Photoshop CS2.

Added a new "Import Transform..." button in the transform tab of most 3D
tools, for importing transformations from supported 3D file formats.

The 3D software renderer can now output z-depth, z-coverage, and BG color

Dropping a camera on a view (from a toolbar or a bin) will now set it up
automatically to match the current view camera, and starts viewing through it.
Also added a "Copy View to" submenu to the Camera submenu to copy the current
view position/angle to the chosen camera/light/other object.

Added very basic texture mapping to 3D text.

Fusion can now read 10bit RGBA DPX files.

Fusion now supports any macro as a View LUT. Just expose the controls you
want, save it in the Fusion:LUTs folder, restart Fusion, and select it from
the list in PrefsView. New .setting files added to the LUTs dir are now
recognised & loaded on the fly, without having to restart Fusion.

Hold down Shift while choosing Set Render Range or dragging a tool to the time
ruler to also set the Global Range to the tool's valid extent.

Tracker patterns can now be deleted!!!

New grain processing. Has a new scale function that scatters/jitters the
generated grain pattern, so as it gets larger it doesn't look as blocky.

Fusion can now read DV OMFs if the AVID DV QuickTime codec is installed.
Writing out DV OMFs is not possible at this time.

Fusion can now import old DF4 style .lut files.

Added rotation and pivot inputs to particle 3D sphere regions

Blobs should cast shadows now in 3D correctly.

Motion blur is now available on particles IF the settings for the pRender tool
and the Renderer3D tool are the same.

Added Wavefront obj files support.

Added displayed depth range to PrefsView, so you can more easily deal with Z
buffer data outside our default -1000..0 range (e.g. from Maya, LW etc)

Removed the Grid toolbar button from the display views, and added a LUT
toolbar button. Click to toggle LUT enable, popup for a list of LUTs.

Added the ability to use macros in view LUTs (save as a .setting file in the
Fusion:\LUTs folder).

Can now double-click in a view to play the current preview (if there is one),
again to stop, hold shift for reverse playback.

Can right-drag to scrub the current preview.

Added a Play toolbar button to bottom right corner of a preview. Click to
play/stop, shift-click to play reverse.

Added current frame text to bottom right corner of a preview.

Added the ability to apply similar view settings to a number of bin

Added the ability to specify per-user library root from BinSecurity prefs

Generic files can now be added to the bins. These objects can now be 'opened'
(by associated app) by either double click, or Open context menu. Generic
files will attempt to use the shell/explorer icon for the file.

Settings can use an icon from a .bmp file of the same name.

One can now network render a composition even if the path to the composition
is valid only to the render manager. The render manager now opens the
composition and streams it to each of the slaves. Paths used for footage in
the composition still need to be valid for all slaves though

Azariel Z
12 December 2005, 08:44 AM
looks like a very nice update, thanks a lot, Fusion is really a thing.. I just love this software..

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12 December 2005, 08:44 AM
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