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11-28-2005, 01:16 AM
I have set up a set of bones for the eyes, and a target tag to control them through a set of eye nuls. Where would I link my clamp expresso so that I wont get any out of normal eye rotations/movements. would I like the controler to the value/max ports and then output that to rotation x and y for both bones. This way I would have four wires off of the output of the clamp? I tried it this way and things went haywire...

11-29-2005, 12:18 PM
any ideas?

11-29-2005, 09:45 PM
i wouldn't clamp them at all, in my tutorial i use a target expression to control the eyes, and with it being a child of the head controller the eyes dont freak out.

another way to do it is to use user data sliders to control the eyes, under the Unit menu, when setting up the slider, select degree and set up one for up/down and one for left/right. to me this is a little to restrictive.

give'em a try

11-29-2005, 10:52 PM
ok sounds good, looking back on it, it does seem a stupid thing to try and do. oh well bad idea down the drain. I'll post my completed rig when I get a chance so you all can tell me if it's any good. I wish there where more free rigs for c4d like there are for maya and 3ds. it would give us all somthingto learn from

11-30-2005, 05:25 AM
agreed on that, i'd love to see more rigs, exspecially for the Xpresso

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