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11 November 2005, 06:17 PM
What exactly is Painter for? Do you draw the pictures in photoshop, colored then add some texture to them with Painter? Thank you in advance.

11 November 2005, 07:12 PM
Painter is a 2d paint software, like Photoshop.

11 November 2005, 09:27 PM

Painter is a software used for painting and drawing. It's most notable feature is its Natural Media brushes, brushes being the collective term for its many drawing and painting tools. The trademark, Natural Media refers to the fact that Painter's drawing and painting tools, or brushes, mimic traditional media drawing and painting tools, or real drawing and painting tools.

Painter's brushes are organized in brush categories, each containing multiple brush variants. The list of brush categories installed with the current version, Painter IX, (with the number of each brush category's brush variants shown in parenthesis) are listed below:

Acrylics (31)
Airbrushes (31)
Artists (6)
ArtistsOils (30)
Blenders (33)
Calligraphy (12)
Chalk (17)
Charcoal (24)
Cloners (46)
Colored Pencils (17)
Conte (9)
Crayons (10)
Digital Watercolor (27)
Distortion (19)
Erasers (25)
F-X (14)
Felt Pens (17)
Gouache (25)
Image Hose (20)
Impasto (44)
Liquid Ink (57)
Oil Pastels (17)
Oils (46)
Palette Knives (16)
Pastels (29)
Pattern Pens (8)
Pencils (20)
Pens (27)
Photo (10)
Sponges (13)
Sumi-e (21)
Tinting (16)
Watercolor (52)

Painter is used for more than drawing and painting, and it includes many other features that allow artists to do many kinds of art, including:

fine art painting
graphic art
web art
childrens' book illustration
matte painting for movies
medical illustration
architectural illustration
.... and more

It's a powerful and exciting program to use and have fun with.

Photoshop is another powerful program designed mainly for photo and other image manipulation. Many artists also use Photoshop for drawing and painting though since that's not Photoshop's main purpose, its brush technology is not as advanced as Painter's brush technology.

Many artists use both programs as each has strengths the other doesn't have. For instance, Painter's advanced brush technology, or Photoshop's excellent color management.

If you'd like to learn more about Painter, visit the Corel Painter IX website and follow all of the links to learn about its features and see some Painter Master's art:

You can also download a free 30 day trial version of Painter IX to learn for yourself what it offers and how much fun it is to use. You'll find a link on the Corel Painter IX website to download the trial version.

Have fun!

11 November 2005, 12:00 AM
Wow man, thanks, I already have the program, won it in drawing competition.

11 November 2005, 12:30 AM
What exactly is Painter for? Do you draw the pictures in photoshop, colored then add some texture to them with Painter? Thank you in advance.


You're welcome for the info I posted earlier.

I forgot, though, to answer some of your questions.

Yes, people do sometimes draw things in Photoshop, color them, then add texture using Painter.

Sometimes they do their drawing and inking using traditional pencil, paper, and ink, then scan the inking into Photoshop or Painter and do the coloring, or painting.

Sometimes artists do the entire image in Photoshop.

Sometimes they do the entire image in Painter.

It really depends on several things:

How the artist likes to work,

What software the artist has,

Which software the artist feels most comfortable using,

What can be done in the softare the artist has,

What kind of image it is and what features of each software program work best.

Some artists use multiple programs for a single image (i.e 3D, Photoshop, Painter, and even animation programs if the end product is to be an animation).

Some artists use a single program or multiple programs and combine the printed image with traditional media by painting or drawing on the print or adding materials to make it a collage.

Really, there are so many ways people work that the limits are what one can afford to own in the way of software programs, what programs the artists knows well enough to use, and how much imagination the artist has.

Again, Photoshop and Painter are a great combination and they'll go a long way for any artist doing 2D art. They may, in fact, be all the artist ever needs. Even one of these programs may be all the artist ever needs, depending on the kind of work they do.

My program of choice has been Painter since 1995, beginning with Painter 4. That's six Painter versions I've owned and five of them are installed on my computer since I teach Painter and use them to answer questions around the Painter community almost every day of the year.

I also own Photoshop 7 and use it now and then for things that Painter doesn't do as well, mainly color adjustments and saving JPG files to be displayed on the Web. I can save JPG files for use on the Web in Painter but in Photoshop, I can get a smaller file size while maintaining better image quality so that's what I do when it matters how the image will look.

Painter's it for painting, though. Its brush technology is the most advanced available in any program and its brushes are so much fun to use and it's so much fun creating and using custom brush variants!

So, crank up Painter and have spend some time with it.

It's great that you won Painter in a drawing competition. Congratulations!

Is it Painter IX that you have? If so, you're a lucky one since that's the best Painter version ever.

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