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11 November 2005, 05:54 AM
Hello! I am going to present one of these two pics to my daughters class this week and would love to know which one you CG talkers like best - and if you had time, why you liked it better - thanks!

Picture 1: Busy

Picture 2: Simple (if this one gets the nod I will of course clean up the picture more)

and the progress thus far...

Original Image (
Mask (
3D test layout (
3D Background (
Girl on Crayon (

Thanks in advance for your guidence. I also posted this in the 3D forum as I wasn't sure which was more appropriate. Mods feel free to pull it from one or the other.:)

11 November 2005, 06:03 AM
Just as a starter (and to be honest, the lighting doesn't look that bad so far!), you may want to fixe up the edges on the lady to the far left. She's one of the few that stands out as not really being there. Also:

Try altering the wood texture on the boxes. They are all too uniform. Perhaps shift some values or adjust the UVs for each.
Book spine corners are never that rigid! Perhaps smooth off the corners more.
Closer inspection shows the shadows under the people don't look right. Try fading them off more. Right now they look like they're painted in.
With that bright light, you're probably going to get some reflected colour from the boxes. Maybe add some subtle radiosity colour to the people, especially in areas like the legs of the girl in shorts to the left. She would probably be picking up some yellow from the crayola box.
Sorry, I've been rather picky! But I hope this helps a little!

11 November 2005, 02:12 PM
Thank you for that critique erilaz. Spot on on the book so I've trie to smooth the binding, I added opacity maps to handle the shadows on the ground.

and here is the image now. Per your suggestion, I've rotated some of the UV's on the blocks and even rotated some of the blocks themselves and smoothed out the spine of that book. I touched up on the hair of the lady on the left to make her look better. Now, I just need to do some light shadow work around some of the kids. I'm gonna work on that raytrace color bounce tonight. cheers

11 November 2005, 12:00 AM
Hey, looking nice! I would still suggest that:

The lady on the left is looking out of place. Is she moving her hair in the photo? It may be the motion blur.
Check your UVs on the book spine... gone a bit wonky!
Perhaps straighten some of the UVs on the boxes... normally a box doesn't have a diagonal wood grain, as the panels would be cut planar to the trunk.
This is really coming along well! :D

11 November 2005, 12:48 AM
My noobpinion .... the lady on the left has a small clump of hair on the left side of her head (actually 'her' right, viewer's left) that seems off -either it's a piece of bush or some reflected color (seems to have a green hue unlike the rest) from a tree or something?

Her shadow is also off - the child in front with her arm blocking the sun and most of the others seems to indicate the sun is off to the viewers left front. She has a shadow on the front of her body that seems to defy the light; I'm guessing if this is selected from one image that there was a tree or some other object casting a shadow on her. If you can fix her lighting fine, if not maybe you can add blocks or another object that would 'explain' the shadow since that is part of what makes that side seem not quite right.

Also a few of the children around that child I mentioned don't seem to be casting a shadow which makes them float a little.

Seems to be an arbitrary shadow on the foremost Crayola box and check the sharp edged ray of light that goes between the boxes and casts some light on the Crayola box at the bottom of the stack that is mostly black.

I think the reflection on the sphere is a bit 'off' -for example look at the kid reflection should we be seeing a front view of the kid?

Finally the light on the cubes seems to be coming from the left but a bit further 'in' than the light the child in front is blocking with her arm. Maybe you can use that child to figure out the light placement for the cube?

The child with arm up seems to be sitting slightly behind the girl to the left of her but there is no shadow from that girl on her.

Much better than I can do so I hope you don't mind the observations.

11 November 2005, 07:30 AM
wow, you guys are really making this peice much better. Thank you! Its amazing how you can stare at something for so long and not see the obvious. I added some blocks behind the kids and I feel it makes the woman on the left blend in a-lot better. Now I need something on the right to ballance it out. Question is, what? I was thinking something like these crayons ( lined up along the edge of the wood plane maybe? OR have them laying on thier sides and there would be a whole bunch of them.

erilaz: I fixed the binding on the book and got rid of the blocks and the second book altogether. Its redundancy was a little too redundant. :P I was hoping not to have to add raytracing color on them now that I have added the big blocks in the bg. What do you think?

bupaje: You were right about the light source, great call. Though all the kids are casting their shadows properly as per the original photo. HERE ( - I modified the opaque planes and hopefully got the shadows closer on the ground. I am hoping not to have to draw too many shadows as my method for doing so seems horribly flawed and unrealistic.

edit: you can see the full WIP on my web page HERE ( - thanks again for your help.


11 November 2005, 12:40 PM
Thanks for voting!

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