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11 November 2005, 05:02 AM
Hello all,

I am looking to spearhead a collaborative group of 3D animators to work on a project together. This project is a bit different than most I've seen posted on here in that I want to hold weekly face to face meetings. The downside (and depressing part) is that this is a no-pay gig. I'm looking to for the equivilent of a chess club. I have a few vague ideas for stories, but I'm not sold on any particular thing.

I'd like to run this in friendly production like way. Meetings, minutes, progress reports, etc. I want to press forward with it at a good speed, but I understand that everyone will probably have other things going on in their lives (work, family, etc, etc...) and therefore, we'll have deadlines that are very lax.

My goal is three fold. I want to use this as a learning process. I want to meet new people in the industry or trying to get into the industry and network. And finally, in the end, I'd like to have something that I can use on my reel and show off to friends and family. I'd like something impressive to show for the time spent on it.

I also want to keep the group small. Four to eight people. I want everyone to have full creative input into the project and respect everyone else's input as well. I don't want a big group where every has a different idea and the project ends up with a slew of inconsistancies due to it. I want to be relatively selective about the people who are going to work on it. I don't mind (in fact I encourage) people who are fresh out of school and don't have much experience (as long as your previous work is good, and you are very a very capable artist). Further... I know it sounds harsh, but I think if it should come to it, the group should be able to vote someone out, and bring in someone new if needed. Probably the biggest requirement is that you need to be reliable. I understand if something else comes up, but then hand off your work to someone else or step down. I've worked on a few projects where one person falls behind and drags the rest of the group down with them. I don't want to fall into that situation.

I'm primarily a character rigger & dynamic artist. Though, I'm certainly not against doing other work. I'd like to do most of the work in Maya & Shake. Mostly because that's what I'm familiar with. Again, I'm open to ideas if someone has a better one. I'm looking for people who specialize in different areas, but are capable and willing to do other work as well. Again, this is a learning process. We can all teach each other something. Here's a list of general positions I'd like to fill. One person can take on more than one task if they like. Multiple people can do the same thing.

Storyboard / concept / other misc 2D artwork artist
Dynamic artist
Sound artist
Am I missing anything?

I live in West LA, just outside Culver City. I would be willing to host the meetings at my place. We may need to do something about the seating arrangements however (as, there's one whole chair here...), but I'm sure we can work something out. If someone else wants to host, we can rotate or whatever everyone wants. It might be nice if everyone chipped in for pizza or food or something.

Maybe the whole thing is just a silly idea. If you're interested, let me know. Send me an email or something. If no one's interested... it was worth a shot. Or... if you have a different idea for the whole thing... I'll entertain it.

Hope to hear from many of you soon.


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11 November 2005, 05:02 AM
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