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11 November 2005, 08:10 PM
Hi guys, I've been doing 3d as a hobby for 5 years and I currently work freelance in graphic design, as well as the odd 3d gig here and there... It's looking like I can finally move my freelance work further over into 3d... Sooo... Here's my first showreel... I'd really appreciate any critique you guys have for it with regards to well... anything... :beer:

My primary focus is on character design, modelling and animation... and of course cheeky fun;)

Here's a some shots from the reel

And here, of course is the reel

17mb Quicktime 2min30 (

I'd really appreciate hearing what impression it gives you guys of both me and my current skillset...


11 November 2005, 07:42 PM
Is it my new avatar?... Anyone wanna chime in over here? Even if it's only to tell me why they don't really wanna chime in... I'd love to hear what you folk think of my first reel...



11 November 2005, 11:11 PM
gooooooooooood work

11 November 2005, 11:57 PM
Well I'll warn you ahead of time...I'm going to give it to ya straight up since you asked for it!

The animation needs a ton of work.

-shot 1 (alien dancing): not only was there no real focus to the character's movement....but he just seems to be gyrating all over the place and it looks really bad (not to mention that his junk is hanging out...but whatever :)) Also...there's no finger animation at all so it doesn't look finished. Remember....the first few seconds of your reel are your ONLY chance to make a good first impression to future employers! Right now a good first impression just aint happening

-the alien model isn't really a marvel in itself at having all of the model shots after the first animation is pretty unnecessary

-it would be nice if the music was turned down a bit during the "weed" animation, and the voice track put in so we could hear what your characters are saying during that part

-dragon model is nice...having it inbetween the 2 sequences with your alien characters on the couch is a little disjointed though

-similar to the first animation on your reel with the alien gyrating to the music....the animation with the kid wearing the helmet is pretty weird. He just kinda wobbles around for no reason and it looks awkward

-the bears animation is probably the strongest animation in your reel, but once would be nice to hear what they're saying :)

-there's some reaaalllly weird skinning/animation issues with the 2 kids sitting at the table animation...they kind of wobble back and forth and when they turn their heads, their necks seem to be attached to their backs or something....

-the animation with the guy falling off the couch looks like a viewport preview...I'd say add some shadows and proper lighting before pumping it out onto you reel. Also...the animation also seems to be pretty sloppy....their hands don't interact with objects properly (floor, doorknob)...there's no real secondary motion...there's some weird jerking that happens a couple of times ( moving holds)....and when the guy at the end collapses onto the couch his elbow snaps into weird positions a couple of times. Also...having his heart explode all over him is pretty pointless. (you should be able to convey his motions through body language/facial expressions, rather than having to spell it out for the viewer)

-not sure what having the guy sitting on the bike and tapping his foot is trying to show....I'd take that out completely

-the car looks okay...the its wheels intersect the ground plane and the lighting is reeeallly flat/bad

-some of the images in the still image sequence look kinda cool...but they're not helping your reel at all with their inclusion I don't think

-the end shots with the spaceship and robotic arms just look really bad....get rid of em ;)

-all the rest of the animation (ie....alien dancing again, 2 people and flying alien character) simply needs to go too. It's just...not good.

Overall dude...please take this all only as a critique....I'm not trying to crush your dreams or anything.....since I'm sure with a lot more work you could have a great looking reel...but at the moment it looks very unfinished and amateur, and is definitely not ready to be shipped off to different companies if you're planning to use this to get work.

11 November 2005, 08:36 AM
ESLAMSPOT.. Thaank you for chiming in mate;)

ivanisavich.. Humble thanks a mountain good sir... This reel is just a bunch of stuff I've created at home in my spare time... Your critiques showed me clearly that it's not suitable for what I'd thought it may be and that I need to create some custom pieces to attract more work... The work shown has actually scored me a few good gigs (mostly as a modeller tho:p ) I agree with you that my animation needs a great deal in the way of clarity and focus... Again, humble thanks for your time and precise insights...

I'll follow your shots

Wink- Blue alien 'dancing', clearly unsuccessful... He's supposed to be freaking out that he's rotating and trying to regain his balance... I hear you loud and clear as to the technical weakness of my intro... Thanks

Shots of Wink... I agree, I need more models... soon

Smoking.. Cheers.. Never thought of that

Clearly the dragon was just tossed in cuz it's my latest creation... The placement is weak I agree

Dancing kid was my first fully built rig... It's a bit odd yup!

FU Bears is one of my later projects (unfortunately abandoned) and I agree that animation wise it's my strongest to date... I bailed on the project because of a perpetual mysterious render error. I think I will give them a second chance. Thanks

I rushed the kids anim for a deadline, I'm happy with it given the circumstances but I agree, they have a neck joint which I neglected in that shot... They will be back in time for xmas and I wont be rushing;)

Guy falling off couch and scooter scene I have no excuses for... Humble apologies

The car, robots, people and flying alien are all old fun stuff... I agree they should remain in my happy place instead of on a reel...

ivanisavich... What can I say... I have little else to offer but my thanks, I truly appreciate your honesty and wholeheartedly appreciate your insight... As for my dreams I think you saved me bungling my first impression to all the big studios... I already get some work but like I said, mostly modelling, a little rigging... I placed this reel here because I felt too that my animation (in general) really needed some serious work and You good sir affirmed it well and truly for me... Once more humble thanks:bowdown:

Expect some sincere focus from me in the coming year...

11 November 2005, 03:53 PM
Glad I could help man :) Good luck on your future work!...and thanks for not getting angry at me since I was pretty harsh ;)

11 November 2005, 06:00 PM
I just watched the reel also. I really agree with just about everything ivanisavich said. I would give a personal critique as well, but I think ivanisavich nailed it.

Keep working on it man! Best of luck :beer:

the alsoran
11 November 2005, 07:29 AM
Just stick to 2D.

11 November 2005, 03:30 AM
alsoran, your post should be deleted...what a waste of space.

There's more of a chance to get a job if you have knowledge of many of the animation bases.....

11 November 2005, 10:01 AM
ivanisavich.. Seriously.. I really appreciate honesty above all ego;) Proper respect due...

ThreeDeityMike.. :beer: cheers Mike, I'll keep inching my way up that learning curve..

the alsoran.. :curious:

jamagica.. Cheers,and I agree.. My background is actually in tangible media for 15 years... Digimedia for 7... 3d for 5... I'm still a noob...

Thanks a bunch for chiming in you guys, it's great to get some feedback on where I'm at in this process:beer::wavey:

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11 November 2005, 10:01 AM
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