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11 November 2005, 07:08 PM
I create this thread for some one want to create their own UI in Maya. Each of us using maya for other purpose and we need to make our own UI. However, whenever some one start to do that and ask, all the time, he know some thing like scripted panel but nothing. :banghead: :banghead:
So, how could build our own UI in Maya for different purpose? Add new panel at bottom, right, left...ect... add new button to attr of object, add more view panel... I hope we could share what we know here to make custom UI, to make Maya more compatible to our work
Because I am just a beginner, so I just have a few to share with you..
| First, about scripted panel |
What I know about it is just little. uhm, what is panel, simply as I know, It appear here
So, a scripted panel basically will appear when we choose it here and then It could satisfy our basic thing: new tool bar dock into maya
I find a detail tutorial how to create it here
So, this is a basic scripted panel: Appear in panel choose. A good reference is also Maya help.
So, some one could tell us more about advance Maya UI
- More than 4 panel ?
- Could we add new thing like toolbox
- Where the basic UI of Maya lie and how we could modify them
- Scripted Panel appear like basic panel, are there anything "advance scripted panel" that act like a UI element
Like I said, I am just a beginner and my knowledge is small, so I only could tell about a basic thing
Hope we could share more than that and make this thread really: Make custom Maya UI
Waiting for some one interest in this topic :p :wip: :wip: :rolleyes:
PS: Althogh there are a thread MEL - Maya UI Building but what we discussed there is building UI for a window...not Maya UI, and today, which a lot of Window UI Builder, life is more easier...
If it is possible, If the moderator seperate two topic and rename the old into UI Building for a Window- this will help other realise what this topic mean: Building Custom UI for Maya

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11 November 2005, 07:08 PM
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