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Chris Thomas
11 November 2005, 05:09 PM
A Call to contribute example images for CG Academies Lighting/Rendering series of DVDs.

CG Academy ( is currently developing an extensive series of training DVDs on the subject of Lighting & Rendering in a CG environment. The DVDs will form a high quality, in depth course on rendering and lighting practice (think degree level) and technology as it stands today. The practical elements of the series will be based on 3dsmax, but will be designed to be as platform independent as possible, and will focus on the artistic and cross platform technical issues where-ever possible. So, if you want to develop your lighting and rendering skills on 3dmax or pretty much any platform, this series should be seriously useful to you.

Of course as a part of such a series we intend to use as many real world examples of specific lighting/rendering issues as possible, and these of course will be accompanied by our own custom diagrams and illustrations. So, we need a lot of example images. this is where you can help...

What do we need?
We are looking for images that you can contribute to the project that can help to demonstrate topics and also technical issues. These can be from any rendering system, on any platform on pretty much any topic (within reason, no porn or extreme violence etc.). These images can be examples of excellence in a certain topic, they can show a certain issue clearly i.e. Moire patterns, ailising issues, filtering issues etc. And for that reason you may wish to submit two images, one showing the issue, and a second where it is fixed by increased filtering, map resolution, extra AA and so on.
What will you get out of this?
Your images will feature in what we hope will be THE lighting and rendering reference material available from any publisher, for any platform. Your images will be shown full screen and in hi-res (1280x1024) and all images will feature the artists name, location and contact info, all watermarked on the images (by us). You will also receive a credit in the “index” of the DVD.

This is a great opportunity to have your image used as THE defining example of glossy reflections, or displacement, or indeed to illustrate rendering issues (both will be equally important on our DVD, so we're not just after beautiful images here...). Also, If we find one image that is particularly iconic in terms of the title of a DVD, it may also be used as the main cover art image.

Is there anything else I need to know?
Legally speaking these images need to be 100% your property i.e. We cannot use any images that were produced at your day job, or via a group effort, or one that uses a composite with copyrighted imagery. In other words we need to know that the only permission we need to use an image is yours and yours alone. If your company REALLY wants to put one of their images forward, send me their details, and If I like the image and wish to use it I will make an agreement with them.

How do I get the images to you?
Ok, the address to send the images to is..

Please send images with a smallest side dimension of 1280 or larger if possible. Remember some of the images may go on to be used as cover art, so we are looking for resolutions of 1280x1024 and above, preferably double this resolution as a good average. All images should be submitted WITHOUT a watermark/tag as we will add those during production to a consistent format for all images. Supply your name (as it should be displayed), your contact details (e-mail) and the platform and rendering system the images were produced on i.e. 3dsmax/Brazil or Maya/Prman etc, and any other info that needs to be in the watermark. Keep this brief though, the focus should be your art, and not your name and life history ;).

The images should be in high quality .jpg format and should be 6mb in size or less so that they mail to me with no problems. There is no fixed deadline here at the momment, though I will amend this post as and when one develops.

That's it. Get your images into to us for review, and if you have any questions post below


11 November 2005, 07:51 PM
But doesn't a lot of the quality of lighting/rendering have to do with the actual renderer and software? Same techniques aren't exactly universal.

Chris Thomas
11 November 2005, 08:27 PM
Nope, overall I'd disagree. The ideas and techniques are pretty much universal, exactly how you use those techniques, how they are specifically implemented or indeed IF you can use those techniques is indeed specific to a renderer. Some renderers allow better displacement, some offer better photon mapping, or irradience caching and so on.

The idea of the series will be to teach all technologies and concepts, even if we cannot always demonstrate them in action to the 9th degree. After all to do that CG Academy would have to produce the series at the very least on Maya, using Prman/Mental Ray, and also on 3dsmax using Mental Ray, Brazil, Vray, Maxwell and Final Render. And that just is not possible on a number of levels....

We'll use 3dsmax and a couple of rendering systems to show how all of the topics covered work, and we'll leave the final details to specific DVDs on specific rendering systems. There is a plan, and it should all work out pretty damn cool ;)


11 November 2005, 10:38 PM
Techniques are similar from render to render, the specific settings might be different but the ideas are often the same.

What about stand alone renders Chris like renderman and the like?

Chris Thomas
11 November 2005, 11:24 AM
"What about stand alone renders Chris like renderman and the like?"

We'll we can't really show Renderman in action on this series, the costs involved in getting RAT licensed are a little prohibitive, and Renderman for Maya is such a striped down system imho that its not really the same beast anyway. I actually know RAT pretty well, though I'm nowhere near expert. Its a very good system, my favourite aspects are the micro-poly and materials system. The materials system is just about as flexible as you could ever want, its a texturing/lighting TDs dream.

So, yeah for sure I'll be talking about Prman during the series, but I wont be able to demonstrate it live. It certainly still rules the roost when it comes to displacement, and it is to date pretty much still THE scanline centric rendering system, though it does have raytracing also these days. In short you can't really have a series on rendeing/lighting and not talk about Prman at some point.

So guys if any of you out there have some great Prman work to share, please send it in so Prman has a good representation on the DVDs.


Chris Thomas
12 December 2005, 11:11 PM
Update: Due to the release of Dominic's new DVD (, and also development work on the second DVD in that series (Intermediate Texturing 1) and other DVDs, a better estimate for the first lighting and rendering DVD is now early in the new year. I have been continuing work on it, but the texturing DVD must come first to complete that set.

So, keep those images comming in guys ;)

12 December 2005, 02:46 AM
as i mentioned in the splutterfish forums, maybe you should pay for what you sell.
just an idea

12 December 2005, 05:15 AM
I have to agree with blackshep, but back to the main subject...

I don't understand how getting random 3D images from around the internet will help teach this subject. I suppose a lighting professional (assuming you've hired some) could critique a work, but since they didn't work on it - it's somewhat self defeating. It would be like someone else trying to write a tutorial for how I 3D model my cars.

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12 December 2005, 05:15 AM
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