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11 November 2005, 06:28 PM

I've got a simple scene setup, some 3d text with the l_glass shader applied. I have a single spot light in the scene which has been setup with a photon intensity of 8000 and 30000 caustics photons. I've got caustics enabled in mr settings. When I render the scene I keep getting

"RCGI 0.2 warn 362004: no photons stored after emitting 10000 photons
RCGI 0.3 error 361053: no photons stored after emitting 1000000 photons (canceling emission job)"

come up in Maya's output window. I don't really have a clue what it means or how to fix it. I only ask because the shadows don't get rendered right and it doesn't look right either. Any help will be greatly appreciated :)


11 November 2005, 06:55 PM
It means that the light fired off a ton of photons, but couldn't get the number you wanted to actually hit any surfaces.

First, check all of your face normals to make sure your objects are presenting themselves to the light. Next, check through all of your shape attributes and make sure that they don't have any caustics overrides.

And sometimes, mr just gets sick of a light. I've had that happen a number of times where a light just doesn't want to participate anymore and I have to delete it and make another one just like it.

Oh, and check your l_glass installation. SOmetimes a bad install can make havok at rendertime.

11 November 2005, 11:26 AM
Cheers for the suggestions Brent :)

I have to say I don't know how to check face normals :/ , but there is no caustic over-rides turned on and I remade the light to no avail :(

I know my l_glass installation is ok because I rendered a previous scene with the l_glass shader and it came out fine.

edit:\\ I 've just figured out what it was, I forget to link two things when I set up the material, how stupid do I feel lol

Cheers again for your help though :)

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11 November 2005, 11:26 AM
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