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11-08-2005, 07:33 AM
Hereís an expression which calculates ray collision without ray point objects and uses a cross product vector to orient the moving object.

The whole setup can be moved and rotated at any angle and the expression will keep working correctly.

All ray points maintain a constant Y distance from the surface objectís XZ plane, allowing use of the Distance port.

Just tweak the User Data settings and watch the blue cage change.

If anyone encounters any problems or has any suggestions, feedback would be welcomed.

11-08-2005, 11:00 AM
Way cool! Works fine with D2P for an animated "sea" as well!


11-08-2005, 11:05 AM
Thanks Lennart, that sounds interesting. I hadn't thought of D2P. Off to give it a try...

11-08-2005, 12:56 PM
Okay, I just realised that when the Cone object was replaced in the hierarchy, the expression was inverting the new object. I've replaced the file with an updated version, which temporarily solves the problem by inverting the Object Null.

I'll post a fine-tuned version when I've sorted this out.

11-09-2005, 09:54 AM
I've solved the problem with the Object Null axis and the expression is now working properly. The file has been updated.

11-14-2005, 09:50 AM
Thanks for sharing Darter,
this is very nice,
I am at awe at your xpresso skills !

11-14-2005, 03:36 PM
Thanks for sharing Darter,
this is very nice,
I am at awe at your xpresso skills !

Same here! Thanks.
Take a look at those xpresso nodes and prepare to go cross-eyed.

11-14-2005, 07:35 PM
Thanks moka-j and JoelD, I really appreciate the feedback. I thougth it was just me in here for a while!

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11-14-2005, 07:35 PM
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