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11 November 2005, 06:47 PM
some friends and me just started making an own little movie.

at the beginnning, there should be a sequence just with a screen filled with smoke like from a cigarette. so i thought of using cinema 4d

i tried with an emitter and pyrocluster but the smoke doesnt look the right way (well i thought it would look like that, as i'm used to work with emitters in unreal tournament 2004)
one of my friends said it looked perfect, but i would still like to achieve the apearance of cigarette smoke.

well my second problem is an idea a friend had. He wants words to appear in the middle of the smoke in one of two ways. first, part of the smoke start forming the letters (it should be perfectly distinguishable) second, air/smoke bursting out of the smokewall (i dont think i explained it well) forming the letters.

right now these things seem impossible for me, but i hope anyone knows how to do that or if there is a better program for this

Mr.Tyler Durden
11 November 2005, 09:18 PM
I remember a neat approach doing smoke on the old peranders page...

maybe he will reply here ;)

my approach was kind of similar using the cloth engine, its not particle based though, so the effect is limited.

setup is quite simple, you create a plane, make it clothy ;), than apply a texture with luminance channel on, plain white. ( noise could be added later oc )
transparency channel uses the fresnel shader, yet, you have to invert the black-white gradient, to see the luma on the edges and disappear towards areas facing you.

thats simply it for the effect, add some turbulence and wind in the cloth tag and see what happens.

for me it looks like cig-smoke and with little tweaking, or even more extensive work, you might be able to achieve the desired effect.

be sure to play with invisible geometries ( like your text ) as colliders ;)



11 November 2005, 04:50 PM
well i know somthings in cinema 4d but im still a noob...

mmmh dunno, its not working

how do i invert the black-white gradient..

also i tried disabling transperancy and the plane definatly didnt move.... mmmh what am i doing wrong?

edit: OOOOOK i fixed the corners of the plane, and after pressing the play button and the plane started moving around and almost ripping apart and stuff... i looked at cloth options... well i shouldnt have made turbulence and wind so strong :p oh well

anyway i made a spline primitive text and made it into a collider put it all into a cloth nurb as it said in a tutorial i read and moved the text... well its not working, so, whats wrong? cant i use splines for that?

in the picture preview, it does look like smoke, though its not filling the entire screen and well... also i think its the specual channel and not luminance whcih is creating the smoke

well dunno

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11 November 2005, 04:50 PM
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