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11 November 2005, 06:53 PM
Hi everyone,

So I am tring to render out several render passes via the command line. I am using the renderpass plugin to control each pass. I wrote a simple shell script to tell the terminal to render out each different pass. Upon running the script the render launches but before it even gets to rendering anything I get these errors:
Error: Cannot find procedure "assignSG".
Error: error in Render Pass revert code for override 'Key_Colors'
I went back and checked all the code in my render pass overrides and everything looks good. I am able to apply all of my passes with no trouble in maya so why is it giving me an error when I try to render in the command line? Thanks for your help.

Oh, yeah, here is a copy of my shell script:

render -im vaseBeauty -preRender "applyRenderPass Beauty;" -cam persp /scenes/vase.mb
render -im vaseKeyL -preRender "applyRenderPass Key_Light;" -cam persp /scenes/vase.mb
render -im vaseBackF -preRender "applyRenderPass Back_Fill;" -cam persp /scenes/vase.mb
render -im vaseSideF -preRender "applyRenderPass Side_Fill;" -cam persp /scenes/vase.mb
render -im vaseCromaKey -preRender "applyRenderPass Key_Pass;" -cam persp /scenes/vase.mb

The renderpass override code:
// fill in MEL code here
assignSG surfaceShader1SG pPlane1;
assignSG surfaceShader2SG pCube2;
assignSG surfaceShader3SG revolvedSurface2;

and the revert code:
// fill in MEL code here
assignSG GlassBall:lambert2SG revolvedSurface2;
assignSG blinn3SG pCube2;
assignSG blinn2SG pPlane1;

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11 November 2005, 06:53 PM
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