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11 November 2005, 04:35 PM

Hello there!

Ive been doing a few WoW inspired characters for a while now. It started with a test at school, where we had to model a character.
Well, for a while now Ive been modeling and animating stuff I see in WoW. So a few days ago I decided that I'd give texturing a try. My character in WoW is currently in Felwood, a place filled with Satyres. So it had to be a satyre!

Well, as far as the textures go. I'm not a texture kinda guy, this is my second and (excluding another character I have in mind) probably my last one......heh, or not.
But, its a 256x256 texture for the body and all that, and then I did a 64x64 texture for the parts of the fur that are sticking out. But that turned out to be a bit too small, so my teacher adviced me to go for 128x128, which I did.
Im loving this small format! like I said, texturing isnt my deal. So all that 1024x1024 with normal and specularmaps is far off the map for me. But I love this rough Q1 look.
The texture isnt all that complete either. Its missing eyes and..well, more contrast between the colors and shadows.

But being an animator, I had a crazy itch to animate this beast. So Ive kinda given up on the texture, and I think it will do as it is. So today I did a few somewhat ok animations, just your everyday cykles really.
Im gonna do an idle and one or two death animations aswell, but I wanted to get this post on here since I have alot of dishes to clean today.
first a runcykle, then the walk. then attack1 and attack2
guess the walk could cykle a bit better, noticed that as I was creating this cgtalksatyr.avi file, but baaah! :)
a biger picture with different views and the texture maps. and yes, I like to keep the rig simple! not only did I want to limit myself to joints, seeing as I did 1500tris (too much :() and a 256 map, I wanted to stay in 1996 and keep the joints to a minimum aswell.
and, I think all those rigs with tons of controllers are overrated ;)

Thats all for me! I might be back with additional animations.
Im thinking of doing a gothic kinda vampire chick now..still with the 256 textures and what not. mmm, white skin and black clothes :twisted:

Jack Frost
11 November 2005, 04:55 PM
Nice work flow! One of the better low poly models I have seen. But I would say, maybe a bit more detailing on the texture wouldnt hurt. Also cant wait to see ur next model done!

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11 November 2005, 04:55 PM
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