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11 November 2005, 07:32 AM
Figured I needed to do some game characters for the old portfolio, and this would be a good place to help make sure I get it done.

I have some more advanced characters I'd like to give a shot at, but I figured I'd start with something simple and warm up first.

So I spent a couple hours or so, free modeled this fox character, and next I'll start unwrapping it and painting the texture for it.

Anyway, feedback is welcomed. If you're gonna leave comments though, tell me something you like about it and something you'd liked changed about it. The empty "looks awesome!", "great job!", etc stuff is just junk for me to filter through. So if you got something, say something that's gonna help me be better than I am. Even if it's the design and you hate it. I can take it. Just tell me why, and Id much rather hear that than get my ego stroked.

-Evil The Cat

11 November 2005, 07:46 AM
Good start! I love them warm ups, this one has a clean and simple mesh. The character itself is "cartoon classic" material. Painting should be fun, have you thought of rigging him? As for what blows? Are you modelling for a cellphone game, or a hand held? Personally highpoly seems better to look at, but then again this is a warm up and I gave my two side of the coin!
keep it up &
let's see it painted!

11 November 2005, 08:33 AM
Just unwrapped it and blocked out some colors real fast before bed tonight. Tell me wt you think of the base color pallet. Kinda going with a flight jacket and what ever the old school pilot pants they used to wear with those are. Hopefully I can paint some decent eyes on there without issues of distortion.

Thanks for the comments MattVogt. Yeah, I wanted to start out with something cartoony, cause it goes against the styles I tend to lean towards. It's cool you said it has a classic feel to it, cause that's what I was shooting for. Yeah, I'll defiantly rig him into at least a pose, and maybe a couple animations. It'll be nice to work on a nice low poly character like this and get to do a game rig. I've been doing high poly stuff and high end rigs for so long, so this should be easy and fun at the same time. I kept it as low poly as possibly, because I'm pretty confidant in my modeling skills, but it's quite possible my painting skills are rusty, so I wanted to see how much detail I could get out of the texture. Anyway, we'll see how painting goes when I start that up tomorrow (hopefully.)

-Evil The Cat

11 November 2005, 08:39 PM
The model itself is greatly executed, mesh is simple but the mass is well defined. As far as changing the model, i personally dont see any major problems with it.

The hands have slightly more detail compared to the rest, probably for animation purposes.

I do have a question tho: any reasons why you modeled the arms like this instead of the more popular "cross" pose? Better for rigs?

Keep it up.

11 November 2005, 05:17 AM
Thanks for the feedback.

I modeled the arms in that position because I like to try to find an average of what the characters average pose is going to be, and a pose thats within 50% of the motion that is going to be needed out of the model. I find I get the best deformations that way. I wanted to do kinda old school Nintendo and Sega style animation (think how sonic or Mario always ran with their arms bent like that) So put the arms down, unbend the arms a little and there's your running pose.

When I do high poly characters, I'll kinda do the cross pose, but I find I get much better deformations when I drops the shoulders down some where between 90 degrees horizontal and 45 degrees down (since most of the movement in the arms with the hands above the shoulders occur in the clavicle) and the elbows bent about the same amount.

Part of it too is in the deformations. Straighten and lock out your arm. Look at the shape or everything. Then bend your arm as far as you can. Then try both while flexing and relaxed, and start figuring out what the half way mark of all of those together are. If you can't do corrective blends, that shape will probably get you the best deformations.

So anyway, the short version is it seems like its the best pose for the animation I plan to do, as far as I can see ahead anyway. Hope that all makes sense.

Now, onto painting textures for a few!

-Evil The Cat

11 November 2005, 10:30 AM
So got a little more visibly done. I spent some time unwrapping the model better. Trying to get the most ideal unwrap I could. I also spent some time playing with the demo version of Modo, after having unwrapped the model once in Maya. I wish I had started there. After I figured out enough to be able to use the program some, it was pretty easy to unwrap. I just selected the borders of the uv unwraps I wanted, and Modo spit out nearly what I had done by hand in Maya with a single click. It still had minor warping that Id have to tweak, but it coulda saved me an hour our so (minus the learning curve time. Still not very good at navigating or selecting in there.). I did have some issues trying to import it back into Maya. I only exported out half the model from Maya to Modo, and I got some glitches when I got back into Maya and I tried to mirror and combine on the other half which prevented me from going on. The mirror half would turn black for some reason. I tried exporting out an MA file as well, but nothing seemed to import back into Maya. Anyway, a cool tool for the future. I think it could save a ton of time with high poly stuff.

After that I spent a little time with Mayas 3D paint tool trying to figure out the best way to map out which directions the wrinkles would go. Not sure it helped a whole lot. I was going to try and paint on the general wrinkles, export out that map, then paint it in Photoshop, but I just kinda made a mess more than anything that looked like good cloth wrinkles, so I just went to using two colors to block in shadow and highlight and smudged it. Not sure about the color choices yet, and defiantly not happy with the placement or look yet. Im so used to working with things that are going to be rendered, and getting to use spec maps and bump maps, etc. I had forgotten how much contrast you loose in game maps. Anyway, I hope I get the lighting right on the texture as much as I can. Not sure if Ill do a bump map or not for him yet. I like the way the body is starting to look but not happy at all yet with the sleeves.

Anywhoo, Id figured Id share what I was doing.

-Evil The Cat

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11 November 2005, 10:30 AM
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