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11 November 2005, 02:38 PM
Ok ive got a selection, in this example ive set them to poly 1 and 2, they must be touching.

Anyway what im trying to do here is convert the 2 polys to uvw polys then convert to edges and store the edges in an array for use later.
Each face will have its edge stored in a difrent array.

Heres my code, the last 6 lines im having issues(theyre the same 3 lines just for 2 difrence faces) geting the face selection into edge selection

MyFaceFirst = 1
MyFaceSecond = 2

myObj = selection[1] --get selected object
--myTempSelection = for i in myObj.selectedfaces collect i.index --convert selection to array
--mySelection = myTempselection[1] --convert array to bitarray

--myFaceFirst = polyOp.getFaceEdges myObj 3 --mySelection
--myFaceSecond = polyOp.getFaceEdges myObj 1 --mySelection

subobjectLevel = 0
modPanel.addModToSelection (Unwrap_UVW ()) ui:on
subobjectLevel = 3

--select faces then convert to faces and shove in array
myObj.modifiers[#unwrap_uvw].unwrap.selectPolygons #{MyFaceFirst}
myFaceFirstCompare = myObj.modifiers[#unwrap_uvw].unwrap5.getSelectedGeomEdges()

myObj.modifiers[#unwrap_uvw].unwrap.selectPolygons #{MyFaceSecond}
myFaceSecondCompare = myObj.modifiers[#unwrap_uvw].unwrap5.getSelectedGeomEdges()

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11 November 2005, 02:38 PM
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