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11 November 2005, 03:04 AM
in the mel command reference it states
// create a set which contains two sub characters
character -n parentCharacter character1 character2;

however this just gives an error:
// Error: No object matches name: character1 //

anyone know how to create subcharacter sets?

I was doing this:

setCurrentCharacters( { $charName } );
select -r R_pinky_SDK R_ring_SDK R_index_SDK R_Hand_SDK ;
doCreateSubcharacterArgList 2 { "R_Hand","0","0","1","1","0","0" };

but for some reason if I do multiple subs by repeating this code with different values the parents get messed up - eg, the L_hand was ending up parented under the Upper body

so I do this instead

character -n L_Hand;
character -add L_Hand -ev -es L_Hand_SDK L_pinky_SDK L_pointer_SDK L_thumb_SDK ;

but then I have to parent them - and get this error

parent L_Hand $charName;
// Warning: Cannot parent components or objects in the underworld. //
// Error: Not enough objects or values. //

which is weird because you can manually parent them in the outliner - so why can't you do it in mel?

--aha! I just realised - you can no longer parent manually in v7-- why would they do that?

any help appreciated


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11 November 2005, 03:04 AM
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