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11 November 2002, 06:23 AM
I'm in on this too, storyboards etc coming soon.

I can't wait to see the cool stuff people come up with.

11 November 2002, 09:04 AM
Well I thought id update just for, you know, the heck of it. I spent a while trying simply to get the geometry to match the street...the street itself has a slight incline(or decline if you choose to look at it that way) so modeling the actual street to match the perspective was a little hard. Storyboards coming up next.

11 November 2002, 10:19 AM
edit wouldnt let me post a pic in the last message so heres what will happen (hopefully).

11 November 2002, 01:58 PM
very impressive a newbie to 3dss max how do u make the crack move???
keep up the good work buddy:)

11 November 2002, 02:23 PM
Wow, this looks nice. I wonder though, how you are going to make all the wires to that pole snap and behave realistic. Could be a lot of work. But hey, what do i know, you might be the wiremaster. your storyboard looks nice, and the steam will be a nice feature.

Keep up the good work.

11 November 2002, 10:48 PM
I AM the wire master! :D actually, I am thinking about having only two or three wires, instead of the 43,982 currently connected to that pole. That should make it easier.

11 November 2002, 11:58 PM
Hey Brian ,

would you be so kind to extend the crack a little bit to the left and swallow my landlords car. He is being an annoyance lately :D

love the storyboards , keep it up man.


11 November 2002, 01:17 AM
well ok heres a pic for a quick update. work continues. I'm tryign to make the underground look as good as possible. In the pic it seems to be black, but there is rocky stuff there. Im also in the process of breaking off small chunks near the edge of the crack, and looking at ways to bunch up the concrete, because when you think about it, you cant just have a 2 foot wide crack without the concrete actually going somewhere, bunching up, rising, etc.

11 November 2002, 01:35 AM
ive decided to once and for all figure out the FOV of my DV camera. Its damn hard to match up CG objects if the FOVs are mismatched.

11 November 2002, 05:55 AM
Awesome crack....but we can hardly see the rock as you mentinned there's black..

Is your road geometry composed of one layer(squashed cube)for the asphalt, then another cube for the dirt-dist-soil???

It's going to be good looking...can't wait to see some animation :D

and By the way what is a FOV please?

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

11 November 2002, 06:49 AM
yeah it is really dark, almost to the point like it looks like nothing is there- at the time, i hadn't lit it yet. I have now, though. I used a negative light technique i learned from ila_solomon's tutorials to make the bottom of the crack darker.... and I put a bunch of omni lights above the street.

And yes, the street geometry and the dirt below are different objects. I wanted the concrete and the dirt to have different characteristics and shapes, especially after looking at reference material. Anyway, i made a texture for the dirt, haven't yet for the concrete.

Also, FOV is field of view. when you change it, the perspective shifts slightly, which makes trying to match cg objects into footage difficult. For instance, let's you measured that van in the street and made an exact CG replica of it, and you put it into the scene. If the FOV of the camera and the FOV of the virtual camera were not the same, there would be no way that you could get it to match the picture of the van. The cg version would always look a bit skewed or turned.

Anyway, heres a pic.

11 November 2002, 07:00 AM
LMAO at your signature man :beer:


11 November 2002, 07:25 AM
F****** restaurant.

heres a pic showing a change in FOV. Keep in mind that the viewport position never changes.

11 November 2002, 07:37 AM
and real quick, another example of how it can mess with perspective a bit...the yellow lines show that the two cubes, though the same size in the scene, look like they have longer or shorter sides due to the FOV change. In this pic, the FOV changes, and i moved the objects so that they appear to be the same size.

11 November 2002, 12:01 AM
Good points about FOV and perspective.

If you're really lucky then your camera will have barrel distortion as well, and will change FOV as it focusses...

11 November 2002, 07:37 PM
The cracks need a bit of bevel on their edges , they look too sharp at the moment. Other than that I like where you are going with this.

looking forward to the update.

11 November 2002, 12:01 AM
Yes of course, always good advice. I have already beveled the edges as you will see in the next update...but now i am having extreme problems with imperfections in the street geometry that make some triangular polygons lighter than other, destroying the illusion that this could be a real street. so I may have to unbevel the edges, align to view or something similar to make the top level of geometry absolutely flat, and then bevel the edges. It's getting awfully late to keep worrying about the geometry when i should be concentrating on texturing and animation....:hmm:

12 December 2002, 09:44 AM
looks like im too late.

but im done :)

but its too late:annoyed:

12 December 2002, 11:09 AM
The site _is_ still accepting entries...
It didn't start till 3:30 AM, so I've only just uploaded mine.

12 December 2002, 09:23 PM
it says its not accepting entries.....and theres a sticky that says its over.....

12 December 2002, 11:33 PM
Yes, unfortunately it has closed again now.

If you check the timestamps on the posts, the message saying it was closed was actually posted before the one saying that we could upload, so I don't know what happened there.

Personally, I think the window for submissions was way too short.

The deadline was supposed to be midnight GMT last night, but at 1:30AM today the site still wasn't accepting entries (that's when I gave up and went to sleep).

Apparently it started accepting at around 3:30AM, and by around 6:00PM it had stopped again.

The other thing is that when it was open, it still didn't accept animations, only a still, so I'm still not entirely sure what is going on...

12 December 2002, 05:26 AM
feckin weird. oh well, at least you got yours in... good luck.

oh, and btw...

heres mine (

12 December 2002, 11:09 AM
I've just been told that the site _was_ accepting entries for the _entire duration_ of the challenge. That's not what my computers were telling me, but maybe it was something wrong at my end... Still puzzled.

12 December 2002, 11:15 AM
No it did not accept entries all the time. It always said "Not accepting entries." On my compputer. I agree that this was a problem. I nearly slept through "the window of oppertuinty" yesterday.

Antilles-->Sad you did not get to upload your stuff.

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