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12 December 2001, 10:09 PM
Hey Guys!

I finished my model!

here's a pic:

...I would like to get some feedback! :rolleyes:



12 December 2001, 10:16 PM
the model is perfect. the integration with the photo is
really perfect.

what software do u use ? (curiosity)

el gatto
12 December 2001, 10:35 PM
Wow! this is great :cool: .... you did a good job, only 2 small things

-The back weel is almost touching the car (body), in fact it looks like if the car is sitting on the tire...

-This is very subtle, but if you look at the shadow beneath the car and you look at the white building behind it, it dosen't work, the shadow should be on the other side of the car... 'cause the sun seems to be facing the other way !!! :) I had a hard time finding that one :)

weel ooops ! i mean well that's it, these are the only things I see, and it's very minor :)

sehr gut :)

guten Tag or is it Lebe wohl ???

12 December 2001, 01:18 AM
good work

nice model :)

how many polygon?

12 December 2001, 04:48 AM
first thanks guys!

ok letz start:

I build and renderd the car in Lightwave 6.5b!

I will put info about the poly count later online, I've less time :p

The Light, haha...thats a good point...but el gatto, the sun is behind an building (a very bug buidling), and the car is in that shadow!!!!

Maybe I need to darken the car a litle and light the shadow!?

Or maybe build an rough version of that place and render with GI, than it should be correct :P
Somebody have an tip?

thnx, and cya.

12 December 2001, 05:07 AM
i only see a couple things. you might want to add a little yellow to the light source, and back to the wheel thing.
the back tire does seem to be sticking out a little bit. i looked up some pictures of neon r/t's, and the front end sits a little lower then the back on almost all of them (even the modified neons).
hope this helps!
if you ever want to do a model of a cavalier z-24, i'll send pictures of mine :D


12 December 2001, 12:25 AM
ok here two new pics!

I'm still working on the car surfaces, lights etc.!

yes, i'm not happy with that renderings...i will show new soon! :cool:

thnx for comments...Cya.

12 December 2001, 05:36 AM
Dude thats really great looking,,, how did you do the tire tred? Texture or modeling... All looks real good,, same with the tail lights,, i like how they have different shades of red and orange in them,, But seems to be a little flat,, very cool stuff.

12 December 2001, 08:22 AM
Really good, but as said b4. I have hard imagining thoose wheels spinning, as they look like the chassis is resting on them (needs more space between)

12 December 2001, 09:07 AM
congrats, overall this is a great model. except for the minor niggles stated in earlier posts

as asked earlier, what renderer/software did you use. I 'm curious. I think I know, but would like the answer.

12 December 2001, 11:29 AM
Awesome model.
the contrast on the car in the first pic seems a bit wrong though.

12 December 2001, 02:30 PM
looks great! i dig the color change. but as mentioned before there's not enough space between the tires and the car. in my opinion, i think it would look better if you lowered the profile of the tires rather than raising the car up.


12 December 2001, 03:52 PM
All looks good,, but it would look cool if the wheels were pushed into the wheel wells a little,, then drop the car down a little so that the wheels sink into the body wheel well cavity.. just some Ideas for ya,, I think it would look real sporty that way. One thing I have'nt done with my cars was too give the wheel a a little camber angle to the wheel,, bet for cornering on tracks,, but I think it looks cool.

I would look at giving it a negitive camber

Here is a site with info on these wheel alignment issues.

01 January 2002, 03:40 PM
wew how do you do that man? seems like you only make cars all day :) great cars!

01 January 2002, 05:58 AM

Thanks for the comments!

OKi, I still use Lightwave, so I rendert with lightwave :rolleyes:
I rendert without GlobalIlum!

Sure the tyres can spin...I removed the suspension, open the eyes for road holes :D

Rendertime arround 4.hours, on an celeron 400 :rolleyes: But there are still steps :confused:
I used a small dof efect.

Hope U like it!

And sorry if I'm not answer immediately!


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