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10 October 2005, 07:14 AM
ok i have a problem i cant quite seem to find any relevent info on. I have an animation ive been setting up too render with FG. Rendering flicker free all is well.. apart from the render time. i felt that the two static elements in my scene could very well have final gather baked - as they are stationary... now i DO need to rebuild the maps for the animation so no flying comments regarding that. Also i have a larger animation in the near future where the whole set would ideally have EVRYTHING baked. Now..the baking works ..yes - but have a look at what im getting...

Scene is lit by a sphere - big in colour (fg) and one sun coloured directional light.

The bake seems to behave to a point where then all of a sudden a larger posterised effect occurs for no good reason. apart from the only relationship is that its in the shadow area - hence why im thinking the colour change (light not illuminating area so colour of light is nto a factor there) however this seems to be not the case. Also getting good results when i remove the light - but of course the colour of the sphere casts into the texture - so would need white fg sphere.. etcetc.... = basicaly amibent oclusion :P! soo .....

settings vary from default to anything i can think off changing - nothing makes a difference in regard to this effect when using "light and color". I get nice illumantion results when using "just" the light setting.. but lackes the vivid colour i want.

Ive showen this with my attchment - and final image is off a full FG render.

Feedback regarding anything about whats going on here would be great :)

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10 October 2005, 07:14 AM
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