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10 October 2005, 04:23 PM
I was checking over some of the scripts that I wrote for max 7 making sure that they work with max 8. I found a problem with one that I was able work out by removing some code that wasn't really needed, luckily. This error is very strange, and I am wondering if anyone else gets the same result.

in the scene I have an editable mesh sphere with a volume select modifier added to it. With the sphere selected run this script.

fn SDcalcDef SDobj SDcol = (

SDStart = 0

SDEnd = 10

SDStep = .1

animateVertex SDobj #all

select SDobj

max modify mode

modPanel.setCurrentObject SDobj.baseObject

meshop.setBubble SDobj SDobj.modifiers[1].bubble

meshop.setPinch SDobj SDobj.modifiers[1].pinch

meshop.setfalloff SDobj SDobj.modifiers[1].falloff

--subobjectLevel = 1

meshop.setSoftSel SDobj true

modPanel.setCurrentObject SDobj.modifiers[1]

)--end SDcalcDef

scMainObjectSelect = $

scCollisionSelect = #()

animate on (SDcalcDef scMainObjectSelect scCollisionSelect)

This is just a small portion of the whole script but the error is from the animateVertex command. If I remove that one line everything runs just fine. When this script crashes it not only crashes max but it throws an error in the that shipped with max, I also get errors from scripts for reactor some times. Does anyone know why this is happening. I had no problems at all with this script and Max 7.


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10 October 2005, 04:23 PM
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