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11 November 2002, 01:23 PM
hi dudes,
i have a particle system going along a helix in max and have rendered it out as a RPF.I wanted to test the typical Zdepth thingy in CS i.e particles going around a 2d layer(keyed out guy).when i apply a 3d post glow filter the particles glow fine when they arearound the 2d layer but loose their glow when over the 2d layer.My particles are RPF rendered with their alfa.
In a typical scenario I would render the particles without any alfa on black and screen(transfer mode) the layer out in post.If i do this(no alfa in RPF) screening the particles gets rid of any hint of the particles going behind the 2d layer...any help on what i should be doing ???.
some other queries: i still havent understood the deal with selecting the Z-buffer after appling a 3d show g-bufer operator.Does it default to giving me a 6355..something value.
And how would i typically use the z offset and Z scale values in a 3d layer.
thanks a ton dudes.

11 November 2002, 09:39 AM

What I have found is that the 3D post filters do not work if you have other elements composited in the Z-depth of the RPF. So if you have "object" in front of the other elements they will not glow.

As for using the "Screen" transfer, the transfer works on the luminance of an image, the areas which are black are transparent. maybe that is what is causing the problem in the RPF.

I suggest doing the 2 layer workaround. Have the RPF behind the Characher and mask out the front particles. have a layer of particles in front of the character and mask out the back particles. It takes time but you'll get your effect done...


11 November 2002, 08:26 PM
hey dude,
thanks...doing it the traditional way was not what i had in mind especially if rpf is supposed to further add to productivity :shrug:
but i just emulated a glow...blur,gain,transfer mode i saved my self no brained masking ;)
thanx for replying.

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