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10 October 2005, 03:42 AM
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The script will mainly let you switch between cameras in your scene (plus some other handy features built-in)

- Interactive Mode; lets you click on a camera name in the list and it will set the current active viewport to the camera.
- Lock Mode; you can define a specific viewport, so whenever you click on a camera name in the list, it will always assign the camera to the chosen viewport.
- Timeframe; Double click an item to customly set an animation range for the camera.
- Timeline Remapping Mode; enable this to automatically set the time range of the scene in accordance to the camera name selected and its corresponding timeframe.
- Play Mode, it will automatically create an animated camera out of the cameras in the list using the timeframes.

[Add all scene cameras to the list]
- CTRL+CLICK on the '+' button.
- clicking on any of the two column titles ('cameras & timeframe) will switch between modes (list mode, and time mode)
[Refresh the names of the list]
- CTRL+CLICK on the column titled 'Cameras'.
[Automatically detect a time range for the cameras]
- CTRL+CLICK on the column titled 'Timeframes' to The range must be written inside a parenthisis, and must be separated by a '-' to get auto-detection function correctly.
e.g. CAMERA01 (1-50), CAMERA02 (70-120)
[Reset the column widths]
- Double RMB+CLICK anywhere on the list.
[Delete an item]
- select and press DEL on the keyboard

*created/tested only on max 6
*deleting a camera in the scene will automatically remove the camera from the list.
*when presseing the DEL button to delete an item in the list, just make sure that you dont have a selected object in the viewport, coz it will also be deleted.

bug reports, comments and suggestions are always welcome :)

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