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10 October 2005, 05:17 AM
Let me, if you will be so kind - ask you to look up into the night sky, and imagine time - spinning around and around in the Galaxy spread before you. Long before our children's laughter was heard spinning on the far arm of the Milky Way. Looking more towards center then, towards the bright and shining core...

The Kurosian are a very unique and advanced race of beings who reside near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. For all intents and purposes, their homeworld often appears as an aqua-colored gaseous star. Almost all Astronomers would consider such a star uninhabitable, and that is exactly how they imagined it would be.

One of the greatest challenges to their span of civilization was overcoming self, violent thinking, and fear. One would not have the tendency to think that such an advanced race could be fearful. However, the primary Kurosian gift is called "Matter-Rending." (A demonstration of this ability is depicted in the TQ film screenplay). The Kurosian race perfected Matter Rending to the point where they were able to alienate fear, but it was that very fear that prevented them from using their gift for many centuries in the first place, (speaking in relative terms in comparison to the way we measure time) and it was because of the possible consequences for their actions.

It was not until they found an external source of guidance greater than themselves, and a cooperative fellowship in the Argentians' that they were able to truly help other lesser-advanced beings in the Milky Way.

For a little glimpse into their way of life, we will begin with a few primary terms.

KUR'OS : They who call themselves the People.

KUR'OS LEX'IS : They who see the Light which has always been.

ANS'OS : This time, once upon a time - now remembered.

ANS'OS KUR'OS : As long as they the people have known.

ET ANS'OS : A Guardian of thinking. They who through him/her flow all thought.

SOS' AN : New beginning. (Note: One known word or thought has been forgotten - that if known, would free them from their material world.)

KUR'AN : One, origin of all thinking, beginning of thought, pure-mind, free from thought.

KUR'OS IAN : The body that is. Their Physiology.
An example of Kurosian language being spoken in the script reads:

"KUR'OS I AN ET ANS'OS LEX IS SOS' AN KUR'OS." (see if you can translate it).

Exceprt from "film TQ (

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