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10 October 2005, 09:32 PM
Hey people, i want to make a coil in Maya, sort of like a telephone line thing but not...its for a gun im modelling and i wanted to make some large tubs coming out of it but in the form of a coil...any help would be great.

Below are pictures, 1 of my gun im working on and the other of the type of coil effect im looking to make.

p.s. the coil has to be pretty tight, no gaps etc...

thanks in advance

10 October 2005, 09:02 PM
Hmm.. well i dont know what program ur using, but hopfully it would have some sort of tools that XSI uses.. as most programs are generally similar to some degree.

my only thought, and its not great btw..

have you ever extruded a poly alone a curve?

like grab a .... dammit.. i im drawing a blank.. sorry.. um.. it would basically look like a column, a tube if you will... u know what im trying to say.

of you drew a line curve.. like a circle in the top, or side view, but not connect it at the end.. then move to a perspective view and say, pull a few points in X or Y, or whatever you happen to draw it in, so it'll get closer to this coil thing you want, then extrude a tube alone the curve, it should get something alone the lines you are looking for.. you could even draw a spiral then move the points in perspective.. it would get smaller as it goes.. but with a bit of tweaking perhaps it could work..

i dunno man.. im at work and i dont have anything nearby where i could give you step by steps, but i hope you get the general idea im trying to pitch here.

10 October 2005, 09:29 PM
i know that i have done a tutorial for a coil...and i also don't have it with me...but i will look for it and get back to you

10 October 2005, 10:13 PM
There's a tutorial on 3dtotal that says how to do this in maya, here's the link (
good luck

10 October 2005, 07:59 AM
do an animated sweep. for this example, assume that the coil will run along the y axis. create a nurbs circle, and position it so that it is a cross-section of the coil(by that i mean rotate it so that it shows as a circle in the side view, instead of the top view, and then move it off center... ) and then move the pivot to where the center of the coil will be. animate it spinning around it's y axis a bunch of times(however many coils you want). group it with itself. animate the group so that it translates along the y axis, defining the height of the entire coil. do an animated sweep and you have yourself a coil.

el diablo
10 October 2005, 04:12 AM
global proc spinner()

string $driver[] = `cylinder -p 0 0 0 -ax 0 1 0 -ssw 0 -esw 360 -r 1 -hr 2 -d 3 -ut 0 -tol 0.01 -s 8 -nsp 1 -ch 1`;

rebuildSurface -ch 1 -rpo 1 -rt 0 -end 1 -kr 0 -kcp 1 -kc 0 -su 4 -du 3 -sv 4 -dv 3 -tol 0.01 -fr 0 -dir 2 $driver;

string $cos = `curveOnSurface -d 1 -uv 0 0 -uv 1 1 -k 0 -k 1 $driver` ;

setAttr ($cos + ".visibility") 0;

string $driverShape[] = `listRelatives -c $driver[0]` ;

string $curveShape[] = `listRelatives -c $cos` ;

addAttr -ln spins -at double -min 0 -dv 1 $driver[0];

setAttr -e -keyable true ($driver[0] + ".spins");

addAttr -ln length -at double -min 0 -max 1 -dv 1 $driver[0];

setAttr -e -keyable true ($driver[0] + ".length");

connectAttr -f ($driver[0] + ".spins") ($curveShape[0] + ".controlPoints[1].yValue");

connectAttr -f ($driver[0] + ".length") ($curveShape[0] + ".controlPoints[1].xValue");

$dup = `duplicateCurve -ch 51 -rn 0 -local 0 -n spiner $curveShape `;



run this script then select the cylinder and play with spins and length.......
you can deform the surface as much as you like and move it too.....

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10 October 2005, 04:12 AM
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