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10 October 2005, 12:42 AM
Hi guys. Been having some trouble somewhere like a mental block between visualising and modeling, and trying all sorts to work it out :| So one of those things was to try at last and make some actually low polygon and low texture sized stuff, at least by my reckoning. I'm trying for a decent shape at least with 1500 triangles, and probably 2x256 textures one with alphas, I'm not even going to talk about my texturing skillz T_T

This is the first one I've tried to continue with (looking at flat shade forever takes some getting used to, and when I turn on shaded mode I still cry T_T, this is really hard, I have a new respect for low poly characters), it's supposed to be a sortof generic fairy based loosely off Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, I dunno why I chose that, probably because its already characterised for me, and can be pretty low detail (fairies = small, bwahaha) She isn't really going how I wanted, but I guess better than I hoped for. Here's some ports already; ( ( (

I guess im happy enough for a first low poly/first successful box model/no references type model, but yeah I think endless things can be done much better, she's kinda hacky, you guys are really good at this so let me know anything I am and am not doing wrong or what you think about the model or whatever you got. Sorry it's not up to much, I dunno how to make low poly more presentable uh yet heheh. Her boobs are really pissing me off, I shoulda done them different. It's this damn gourad shading o_-

Oh crap yeah, currently she is 1292 triangles and needs feet, and a better rack I guess. Is this double row stuff right to stop joint collapses btw? I dunno if I read right the stuff on it I saw or not :/

Thanks, cheers.

Edit; Feets and fixed legs a bit, lowered her knees a tad too. Something's still off, dunno what :| (


10 October 2005, 05:18 AM
Well, her arms look pretty good, but her legs are massive for her size. If she's a fairy, then she's not going to be using her legs that much, so they should be smaller and more delicate. Also, you have the musculature almost symmetrical front to back, which makes her legs look like sausages. You should have a nice s-curve from the front of the quads to the back of the calves. Here is an example (buttshot!):

She should also have a more dramatic arch to the small of her back, it'll make her look more graceful and feminine.

Other than that, you have a pretty good model going on.

10 October 2005, 05:39 AM
Hey man, thanks for all of those. I gave her a uniboob and dumped some polys off the thumb that I dunno why I had them there, and I seem to have like 80 or so to play with atm with the rest I had budgeted, suddenly that seems like a crapload. I wanted to try and get the legs looking more shaped so yeah, I guess that's where they go. Yeah the back was messed with some as a result of the front, so that may be looking better, I'll see. Dunno how much meat to take off de legs. Guess I'll see there too. I think wanted to try and get somethin of the kinda bottom heavy (uh comparatively, damn toons) the Tinkerbell character has in there, having dumped most all of the rest of that character look after picking the base idea, but I guess is not working haha.

More um sometime hehe.


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10 October 2005, 05:39 AM
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